10 Trivial Things That Can Actually Damage Your Smartphone

In this modern era, gadgets are a must-have electronic item. Even to have a gadget like a smartphone, there is no age limit to have it.

Surely of all ages have a smartphone. Because, a smartphone is an electronic item that will definitely be damaged. Eiitss .. but don’t get me wrong, the damage is usually your own doing. What’s it about?

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Is Your Smartphone Damaged Quickly? Here’s the Cause!

For those of you whose smartphone breaks very quickly, maybe you’ve been ignoring important things about your smartphone, guys!

Well, here are habits that make smartphones more easily damaged.

1. Playing Games While Charging

Play games on charge

Playing Games While Charging

The first trivial thing is that you often play games while beingcharger. This is what often makes smartphones become damaged quickly.

Why? Because, every time you play games while being charged, the incoming power will also have to be forced out too, because you play your smartphone while it’s plugged in.charger.

The effect of this trivial thing is that your smartphone battery becomes more wasteful, leaks and even overheats. Worse yet, your smartphone could explode because it is too hot.

So, it’s better not to play the game while beingcharger yes guys!

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2. Activate Bluetooth and WiFi Features

Forgot to turn off the Bluetooth feature

Enabling Bluetooth and WiFi Features

The second trivial thing that makes smartphones break quickly is that you activate the Bluetooth and WiFi features. It’s not that you can’t but you keep activating the feature.

One of the causes of your smartphone being attacked hacker is that you don’t turn off the bluetooth feature. Even though you don’t connect the feature with device whatever.

Same with bluetooth, the WiFi feature that is constantly activated and does not connect the device will make the smartphone battery drain quickly and heat up quickly.

So, turn off the Bluetooth and WiFi features, guys, if they are no longer needed!

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3. Charge Smartphone Battery Using Power Bank

Battery Charger Using Power Bank

Charging Smartphone Battery Using Power Bank

The third trivial thing that makes a smartphone damaged is that you charge or charge it.charger smartphone using power bank.

Actually, there’s nothing wrong with charging the battery using a power bank, but not too often. Because, the output produced by the power bank is different from charging the battery directly through the socket.

Well, especially if you use a fake power bank. This is what causes your smartphone to quickly break. Because, the resulting output is different from what it should be.

So, your smartphone will experience damage from the battery and it will also take longer to charge the smartphone battery.

So, choose a power bank that has good quality and an original power bank, guys!

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4. Using a Fake Smartphone Charger

Fake Smartphone Charger

Using a Fake Smartphone Charger

The fourth trivial thing that damages your smartphone is that you use a fake smartphone charger. Just like men-charger using power bank.

Charging using a fake charger will be very dangerous, guys. Because, the output issued by the charger does not match the original smartphone charger. This is what causes the smartphone to break quickly.

So, try to use your original smartphone charger, guys!

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5. When the Smartphone Overheats Just Leave It

Smartphone Overheat

When the Smartphone Overheats Just Leave It

The fifth trivial thing that can make a smartphone easily damaged is when the smartphone experiences a crash overheating or hot you just let it.

You need to know, smartphones are very sensitive to hot temperatures, guys. If, the smartphone is experiencing overheating the possibility that the components contained in the smartphone will be vulnerable to damage.

That’s what makes your smartphone easily damaged, guys! So, immediately overcome the smartphone that is overheating by stopping excessive smartphone use.

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6. Install Unnecessary Applications

Download Useless Apps

Install Unnecessary Applications

The sixth trivial thing is that youinstall unnecessary application. You don’t even use the app at all.

In addition to these applications making your memory full it will also make your smartphone slower. A slow smartphone will slowly make your smartphone become damaged quickly.

Because, the application will continue to run in the background and will continue to eat up your smartphone’s RAM space.

So, uninstall all the applications that you don’t need and you don’t use anymore, guys!

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7. Charging Smartphone Overnight

Charging Smartphone Battery

Charging Smartphone Overnight

The seventh trivial thing that makes a smartphone quickly damaged is that youcharger smartphone overnight. Surely you do this the most, right?

If you men-charger smartphone overnight will result overcharging. Smartphones that experience overcharging usually will make the battery quickly wasteful and even worse the smartphone will explode suddenly.

So, make sure you don’tcharger it doesn’t last all night, guys!

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8. Charging Smartphone Using Laptop

Charging Smartphone Using Laptop

Charging Smartphone Battery Using Laptop

The eighth trivial thing that makes a smartphone damaged is that youcharger or charge a smartphone battery using a laptop. Surely you also often do this, guys?

But, you know what? Charging a smartphone using a laptop will speed up a damaged smartphone. Even not just the smartphone, your laptop will also be damaged.

Why? Because, the two electronics will both accommodate power at a certain time and also the electric current generated by the laptop via the USB port is not strong and also different.

This is what causes your smartphone to be easily damaged. So, if it’s not urgent, don’tcharger smartphone using a laptop, guys!

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9. Leaving the Smartphone Battery Empty

Empty Smartphone Battery

Leaving the Smartphone Battery Empty

The ninth trivial thing that makes smartphones easily damaged is that you leave the smartphone battery empty. Same with the previous habit, surely you have done this, right?

You need to know, these habits will shorten the battery life of your smartphone, guys! Even worse, your smartphone will experience total death.

Why? Because, when you will charge it again, the components contained in the smartphone will be surprised. This is what causes your smartphone to be easily damaged.

Once again reminded! Don’t wait until your battery is empty beforecharger yes guys! Because waiting is not good. Hehehe..

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10. Wrongly Use Additional Case

Smartphone Case

Wrongly Using Additional Case

The tenth trivial thing that can make a smartphone easily damaged is that you use the wrong additional case for your smartphone. Actually, it doesn’t matter if you use an additional case, this aims to avoid your smartphone being damaged by a collision.

However, if you choose and buy an additional case that carelessly, it’s a lie. Because, the function of caes is to protect your smartphone from collisions.

If you buy the wrong one, your smartphone will be damaged by a collision. So, choose a case that really protects your smartphone, guys!

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So, what about smart friends? You already know the reason why smartphones are easily damaged. Well, if you have criticism and suggestions, write them in the comments column below here, OK?

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