10 Tips for Applying for Jobs Via Email To Get Received Quickly

Hello smart friends! In today’s sophisticated era, of course, the ability of technology is no longer in doubt in the business world.

There are many companies out there that use technology to make work easier, not least when it comes to applying for jobs.

Currently, many companies prefer E-mail as a means of job seekers in sending their applications.

However, for ordinary people who do not understand email, it will be very problematic, because the company may not accept the application because of trivial things.

Well, this time TipsPintar.com will provide tips for applying for a job via email to be quickly accepted by the company.

Tips for Applying for Jobs Via Emails are Good and Correct

There are several ways to apply for jobs via email that you can apply. So, take a good look!

1. Find Out About Company Email

Find Out Company Email

Find Out Company Email

Currently, there are many job service provider sites circulating on the internet. Inside you will find a variety of companies looking for workers.

But when you are interested in a company, do not submit an application through the site. It’s better for you to find out directly e-mail the company, then send the application letter directly to the company email.

2. Use a Professional Email Address

Use a Professional Email Address

Use a Professional Email Address

Tips that you can apply before sending a job application via e-mail is to use the address e-mail professional one.

That means don’t use an email address that seems ridiculous, for example like ‘[email protected]‘ or ‘[email protected]‘.

Try to use an email address using your own name, for example ‘[email protected]‘ or if you have the ability and capital, you can use an email address custom as ‘[email protected]‘.

Use the provider E-mail the ‘current’ for example like Gmail. By using the right email address, your chances of being accepted quickly increase.

3. Use a Good Subject or Title

Fill in the Email Subject

Fill in the Email Subject

The first thing sees HR when opening email they are the title or subject e-mail. Of course, this is a trivial thing that job applicants don’t care about.

They rarely fill up subject of the email sent. Even though by filling in the email subject, the HR can find out what we mean by sending an email.

use subject precise and clear, meaning that the subject matter of your email corresponds to what you want. Here’s an example of good Subject writing:

  • Apply for job [Pekerjaan yang Diinginkan] – Applicant Name, example: Applying for a Job [IT Support] – Farhan Zachari

However, if the job search company has determined subjecther, then just follow the rules.

4. Fill in the body of the email

Email Body Contents

Email Body Contents

The next tip that is rarely done by job applicants is to fill out body e-mail. Although trivial, of course this can be noticed by the company where you apply for work.

In many cases, applicants usually only send attachments or just attachment without filling body e-mail.

It’s a good idea when you fill out the body of the email, try to be short, concise and clear, and use good and correct language. Don’t over-explain things.

Briefly explain who you are, what you mean by sending the letter, things the company you are applying for a job with should know, and what to include in your cover letter.

5. Attachment or Attachment



When applying for a job, of course, don’t forget to send Attachments or attachment to the company where you are applying.

Usually the attachments sent are CV (curriculum vitae) or files requested by the company you are applying for.

6. Attachment or Attachment File Format

File Formats

File Formats

Send attachments must also be accompanied by the correct file format. It’s a good idea to send a file in the form of a document that is easy to open and doesn’t change like a PDF file format.

Why not .doc? Because it could be that when opened by the company, the file is destroyed or irregular. Therefore it’s a good idea to use the file format PDF.

7. Pay attention to the size of the attachment or attachment

File Size

File Size

File size Attachments should also be considered when sending applications via email. Never send email with attachments more than 2 MB.

How can it be like that? Because not all companies have mailserver which can accommodate multiple emails. Your email may not be received by the company because the email size is very large.

But if you are forced to send files in large sizes, it’s a good idea toupload the file to an upload service provider such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Then attach the email that points to your file in body e-mails, as well as messages to employers todownload attachments through link the.

8. Compress Attachment

Compress Files

Compress Files

If file attachments too many (more than 10), it’s a good idea to compress the file to a format ZIP.

Why should ZIP? Because the format can be opened in various OS. Don’t use other formats for example RAR, as it can make it difficult for employers to open them.

9. Don’t Attach Too Many Files

Don't Attach Too Many Files

Don’t Attach Too Many Files

Okay, in the previous point, we discussed compressing the attachments which is too much. In fact, don’t do that.

Because employers are usually lazy when they see too many attachments, especially in the format ZIP or RAR.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to only attach the required attachments, such as CV. You can take other attached files with you when you’ve done it interview.

10. Keep an eye on emails

Keep an eye on Email

Keep an eye on Email

The last tip you should do when applying for a job is to keep an eye on email developments. Never get bored to check e-mail at all times.

Because the employer will send a reply letter via email as well. Therefore you should always check your email whether there is a reply letter or not.

So you can find out whether your application letter was accepted or not. Not infrequently there are job applicants who send application letters and when the company replies, they only open it a week or a month later.

If the company is interested in your application, of course the company will not take long to send a reply letter.

So, here are some tips for applying for jobs via email. Do not forget share this article to your friends yes!

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