10 security functions in LINE Messenger

Continuation of the previous tutorial the author discussed on how to disable the “invite game” notification in LINE Messenger and how to quickly delete all friend contacts on LINE. This time the author will check everything here, namely 10 security functions in the LINE Messenger

Considering that the security of the LINE Messenger is very important to its users, this tutorial is shown for those of you who may still be confused or who do not know all of the security features that are in LINE Messenger to keep you safe and secure comfortable to use a messenger application.

Before doing the following steps, please update your LINE messenger to the latest version first.

1. Reject messages

The function of declining this message is to prohibit people who do not know it (not yet friends) from sending messages to our account.

How: Go to the More tab – Settings – Privacy, then enable “Reject Messages”.

2. Password lock

The passcode lock feature is to lock your LINE by entering a password. So if a friend who wants to prank your LINE account can’t because it’s locked, they’ll have to open the password in order to use it.

How: Go to the More tab – Settings – Privacy, then enable “Passcode Lock” and then enter the desired password code.

3. Public user ID

If you want your LINE ID to be hidden and not found by others, you can use the private user ID feature.

How: Go to the More tab – Settings – Privacy and then uncheck “Public User ID”.
Otherwise, if you want your ID to be searchable, check Public User ID.

4. Allow new friends

The purpose of this function is to prevent other people from adding you as a friend.

How: Go to the More tab – Settings – Privacy – Timeline & Home, then uncheck “Allow New Friends”.

If you want other people to add you as a new friend, check “Allow new friends”.

5. Privacy settings

If you want to prevent one of your friends from viewing the contents of the TimeLine, you can use the privacy settings.

How: Go to the More tab – Settings – Privacy – Timeline & Home – Privacy Settings, then select one of the friends you want to restrict.

6. Hidden list of the timeline

If you feel uncomfortable seeing the contents of the timeline with status words or complaints from friends you didn’t know before. you can hide it.

How: Go to the Timeline tab, hold on the person’s story for a few seconds, then select “Hide from the timeline”

If you want to see your friend’s timeline status How: Go to the More Tab – Settings – Privacy – Timeline & Home – Timeline Hidden List.

There you can see which friends you have hidden the contents of their timeline in order to restore them, click on “Show”

7. Block and unblock users

Sometimes there is someone who makes you feel uncomfortable, maybe because the words are not polite or you don’t like the person, you can use the blocking feature.

How: Enter the person’s chat, click the “Arrow” menu in the top right corner, then select the “Block” icon.

To restore “Unlock” go to the menu More – Settings – Friends – Blocked users, then select the person you want to unlock, select Edit – Unlock.

8. Remove friends

The remove friends feature is one of the features that users have been waiting for as LINE has not yet been able to delete friends. According to the author, this is one of the cruellest traits, hahaha …

Why did the author say cruel? Because before you delete a friend, you have to block them first and then you can delete them. Very cruel, isn’t it? haha..

How: Enter the person’s chat, click the “Arrow” menu in the top right corner, then select the “Block” icon. To then delete it, go to the menu More – Settings – Friends – Blocked Users – Select Edit – Remove.

9. Hidden friends

Perhaps you have too many friends on LINE and your friend list has grown too large. In this author’s experience, trying to find friends to talk to is very unsettling. Sometimes it is difficult to find them because he changes his name identity which confuses us.

The Hidden Friends feature lets you hide any friends you don’t want to see without having to block them.

How: Go to the Friends tab – hold for a few seconds on the name of your friend you want to hide, then select “Hide”.

To make it visible again, go to the menu More – Settings – Friends – Hidden Users – Select Edit – Show.

10. Reject the “LINE game invitation” message / deactivate notifications for LINE games

Do you get annoyed with friends who often send invites to games over LINE? as the existence of games on LINE bothers some LINE messenger users because LINE players often use the game invite function to get points in the game. Even if we don’t want to play it ourselves, our friends often send it.

To turn off / decline the LINE game invite notification without having to block our friends, you can read it from the previous author, namely How to deactivate the invite to game notifications in LINE Messenger

Done, if the latest security feature is out, the author will update this article. Hope it’s useful

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