10 Secret Tips To Make Android Battery Last All Day

Now there are a lot of Android phones that are equipped with large batteries with different options, ranging from 3000 mAh, 4000 mAh, 5000 mAh, 6000 mAh batteries and so on.

However, battery power Android Phone a large one also does not rule out the possibility that it will last longer, it may be that a large battery will be faster lowbat or quickly run out, even in just a matter of hours.

Now! there are several things that cause your Android cellphone battery to run out faster, such as excessive use, using features that are not used at all. But calm down! You can still deal with it by following these tips so that your Android battery lasts all day.

10 Secret Tips To Make Android Battery Last All Day

Now! this time TipsPintar.com will discuss how to make your battery last all day, so you don’t have to carry it with you anymore power bank everywhere. You just need to follow these tips so that your Android battery can last all day.

1. Using Black Wallpaper

Using Black Wallpaper

The first tip, you can use wallpapers black or with background predominantly black. Wallpapers the black one can increase battery life on smartphone you.

Because black has pixels which is not bright or lit. When smartphone which uses wallpapers black, it will take less power to turn it on, compared to when you use it wallpapers bright or light in color.

In addition to using wallpapers animation or moving pictures will also make the battery Android drained, due to using wallpapers animation will require quite a lot of power from the Android battery.

Now! very effective way to save battery Android to last all day is to replace wallpapers using bright colors or wallpapers animation by using wallpapers the black one, yes.

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2. Using Doze Mode

Doze Mode

The second tip is to use Mode Doze. Mode Doze basically it just kills apps you haven’t used for a long time, when you’re not playing smartphone Android you.

Mode Doze work by using sensors motion, so when smartphone not used at all or moved for quite a long time, then the features mode doze will work automatically.

For example, the network connection will be disconnected, besides that Mode Doze will also discontinue other uses such as GPS, WiFi and all sync on Android.

Now! how to activate the feature Doze Mode are as follows:

Go to menu Settings > Battery > Click vertical dot in the upper right corner > select Battery optimization > on optionNote Optimized” in click > Change the option to “All Apps.

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3. Turn off the “Google Voice” feature

Turn off Google Hotwords on Smartphone

The third tip so that the battery smartphone last all day is to turn off the Google Hotwords feature. Google Hotwords or Google Voice is a Feature to search for something just by saying “OK GOOGLE” contained in homescreen Google main.

This feature is quite effective for someone who wants to find something on the internet Google without typing it first. When you say “OK GOOGLE, where is the best place to hang out in Jogja?” then Google will automatically provide the site link a fun hangout place in jogja.

Now! This feature is one of the reasons why the battery Android you run out fast. Especially if you really don’t use the features of Google this. So, you better non-active-enable or turn off features Google Hotwords this.

The way to disable it is:

click the Google app > on the top right corner of the page, click icon Menu > Click Settings/Settings > click Sound/Sounds > click “OK Google” detection > then swipe left to turn it off.

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4. Update Apps on Play Store

App Updates

The fifth tip is to continue to update the applications contained in the application smartphones. The reason is that the developer on the application will continue to update the application and usually the updated application is also for battery optimization or memory.

Now! so you have to continue to monitor so that the application continues to be updated. This step is also effective for optimization so that the battery lasts longer. You can also delete or uninstall apps that you don’t use at all.

Because unused apps will also run background processes and eat up RAM to drain battery power on mobile phone Android you.

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5. Use the Greenify App

Greenify App

The fifth tip is to use a battery saver application Android. Yep! you can use an application called Greenify. This app is unlike most Android apps which claim to optimize performance and increase battery life.

Application Greenify This is said to be very optimal because this application does not operate in the background smartphone. Now! apps like this that free up system resources and improve battery performance.

How the app works Greenify is to stop applications that are still running in the background, so it can save battery life while increasing battery performance Android.

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6. Don’t Use Auto-Enlightenment

Auto Brightness on Android Smartphone

The sixth tip is not to use Auto-Brightness to light enlightenment. Auto-brightness will usually produce a much brighter light than what you need.

So it’s better for you to manually adjust the brightness of the light to the lowest level that suits your comfort in viewing the screen smartphone.

This method is one of the best ways to increase battery life smartphone, because the brightness of the light is also one of the biggest battery drainers on smartphone.

7. Turn off Vibrate Mode

Features of Vibrate Mode or “Vibrate” On Android Smartphones

The seventh tip is to turn off the vibrate mode feature or vibrate the Ssmartphone Android you. Vibrate mode on smartphone is one that requires a large enough battery power.

You can turn off vibrate alert for incoming calls and also vibrate mode for typing on keyboard in smartphone you. Unless you really need vibrate mode for incoming calls, you can ignore it point this and follow point other.

The way to disable the vibrate feature is as follows:

Settings > click Language & Input > click Google Keyboard on the menu form “Keyboards & Input Methods” > click Gesture typing.

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8. Use “Do Not Disturb” Mode

“Do Not Disturb” Mode On Android Smartphone

The eighth tip is to use the “Do Not Disturb” or “Do not disturb“. Yep! this method is very effective so that the battery Android you last all day.

Fashion Features “Do Not Disturb“Usually used for someone who is busy. Because this feature itself also functions to disable incoming ring calls, sms or notifications, so when there are incoming calls, sms and notifications then smartphone does not ring and vibrate.

How to activate mode “Do Not Disturb” is by:

click Settings > Sound & Notifications > App Notifications > Select any application you want to set to “Do Not Disturb.

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9. Don’t Use Widgets

Widgets on Android Smartphone

The ninth tip is Don’t use the features Widgets on mobile phone Android. Yep! delete widget which you don’t need. Especially connected with Internet, as widget weather. Because widget is also one of the causes of the battery Android run out faster.

If you have some widget on multiple main screens smartphone which is constantly synchronized and updated. You can delete it by pressing widget until it appears icon trash can and drag or pull widget it’s to icon the trash can.

Now! if you need the application you just need toclick the app in the menu mobile phone Android you, without making the application as widget on the main screen of your Android phone.

10. Don’t Use Auto-Sync Mode

Auto-Sync On Smartphone

The tenth tip for the battery Android last all day is to not turn on auto-sync for the account Google. The Auto-sync feature is used to refresh orrefresh Google default apps like Gmail.

If you really don’t need an update Google every 15 minutes, you can do it by logging into Settings > Google > next turn off or non-active-can auto sync.

An easier way is that you can alsoscroll menu bar top on screen smartphone you, then non-active-kan synchronization feature as shown above.

If you need the synchronization feature, you can activate it manually. Because if you turn on sync automatically then it’s most likely power on the battery Android you will be drained and Android battery can not last all day.

So, like that smart friend Tips to save battery Android. What do you think, tips on how to save Android battery? Give your comments in the comments column and don’t forget to like and share this article.

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