10 Reasons Why iPhone Prices Are Much More Expensive Than Other Smartphones

Surely you also know that iPhone it is one of the most advanced smartphones and has lots of cool features.

It’s also clear, guys, if the iPhone is sold at a relatively more expensive price compared to other smartphones.

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So this is the reason why the iPhone is sold at an exorbitant price!

iPhone is one of the smartphones designed by a large technology company, namely Apple Inc.

Well, for those of you who don’t know why the iPhone is so expensive, it’s better to just take a look at the following article.

1. Have a Very Clear Camera

Camera iPhone X

iPhone X Camera

The first reason is from the camera side. On this side, there is no need to doubt it, guys!

The sophistication of artificial cameras is getting here iPhone always be superior and the results are also clear like best mirrorless camera.

Moreover, at this time the latest iPhone series has also used dual camera which makes the camera on the iPhone even more quality.

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2. Simple and Elegant Body Design

Luxury iPhone X Body

Elegant iPhone X Body

Reason iPhone the second expensive is from the side body-his. Yep! iPhone has shape body sufficient simple but still elegant.

Moreover, the colors offered are also so luxurious. There are also iPhones in hand-produced colors limited. It’s so cool, isn’t it?

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3. Apps with Best Security

iPhone app

iPhone Apps That Have Security

Reason iPhone sold at a high price the third is the security of applications downloaded from App Store.

Unlike other smartphones, the iPhone will be very difficult to break into or be tapped. Because, the software used is also not open source.

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4. Not a Slow Smartphone

iPhone Anti Slow

Play Mobile Legends on iPhone Without Lag

Reason iPhone the fourth expensive is the iPhone is not a slow smartphone. If you have faced a slow smartphone, you are definitely annoyed, right, guys?

But not for iPhone! Why? Because the components that are planted iPhone have very good quality.

In addition, the iPhone also uses chipset own design and of course while playing Mobile Legends will notlag.

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5. Undoubted Specifications

iPhone 7 Specifications

iPhone 7 Specifications

The reason why iPhone the fifth more expensive is the specifications that are no longer in doubt.

Yep! iPhone specifications are really very high quality. Just imagine an iPhone with 2GB RAM not fastlag.

In addition, the components used were mostly they designed themselves. Wow, this is really cool!

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6. Best Quality Screen

iPhone screen

iPhone 8 Layar screen

Reason iPhone The sixth expensive is from the side of the screen, guys. Just like the camera, from the side of the screen, the iPhone is very bright and clear, guys.

It’s not tough, the iPhone X, which is now a hitz, has brightness 625 nits and a fairly large screen size with pixels 521 ppi.

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7. Exclusive iPhone Series

iPhone Series

iPhone Series

The reason why iPhone much more expensive than other smartphones is because the iPhone has a series that is highly anticipated.

Why? Because, each series has its own advantages and the more sophisticated the iPhone series is here. Huu.. great!

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8. Many are selling accessories

iPhone Accessories

Example of iPhone Accessories

Reason iPhone The eighth expensive is the number that sells special iPhone accessories.

This is what distinguishes the iPhone from other smartphones. iPhone accessories are more and of course more sophisticated than other smartphone accessories.

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9. Additional Tax Fee

iPhone tax

Tax costs

Reason iPhone very expensive is due to the cost of taxes imposed on these products. Especially for the original iPhone, it is certain that the product is not made from Indonesia, guys.

Well, the iPhone is produced from abroad and of course when it enters Indonesia, this iPhone is subject to tax and customs fees.

That’s why the iPhone is more expensive than other smartphones.

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10. Many Top People Use It

iPhone for the Top

Justin Bieber Using iPhone

Reason iPhone much more expensive than other smartphones is because the iPhone is widely used by the upper class.

It’s clear, guys, when the iPhone was launched, there were more people who were interested in buying from the upper classes.

So, this is why iPhone is more expensive than other smartphones.

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So, how are you smart? You already know why the iPhone is more expensive than Samsung, which is another example of a smartphone. Well, if you have criticism and suggestions, write them in the comments column below here, OK?

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