10 Reasons Why Android Phones Heat Fast

Problems that we often don’t pay attention to, sometimes also have a bad impact on our cellphones. The problem that often occurs is the problem Android phone that heats up fast. In addition, sometimes the Android phone heats itself, even though we don’t play it.

There are many ways to deal with an overheating HP. But on this occasion Tipspintar.com will review 10 Reasons Why Android Phones Heat Fast. What are the causes? Let’s see the explanation below.

10 Reasons Why Android Phones Heat Fast

1. Excessive Game Play

Do you know when you are playing games, how many components in your android smartphone device like CPU, GPU and RAM will work simultaneously with a larger portion than if you use other applications.

Indeed, if it is only for a few minutes, you will not really feel the increase in heat that occurs due to you playing games (especially heavy games). But if you have played the game for 1 hour or more.

surely you will feel the heat that propagates across the surface of the smartphone device which actually comes from CPU and GPU You are working so hard that it gives off excess heat.

2. Check Battery Quality

Battery quality is also very influential on how quickly your phone heats up. Usually if your device’s battery is old, it will quickly run out and charge, and even worse, while charging the wifi network is still running, this is what will make your cellphone heat up quickly.

Try to replace the old battery with an Ori battery, to get an Ori battery you can buy it at the official outlet for the device brand you have.

3. Running Multiple Apps

Running several applications at once, especially those that require an internet connection is also another factor that causes your Android smartphone to heat up quickly. If the activity of playing games will place a greater burden on the GPU, resulting in excess heat.

So opening various applications at once will provide a greater workload on the CPU. As you know, the more work an engine does, the more heat it produces.

4. Pay attention to the area around the cellphone

If the weather around your room is too stuffy and too hot, this can increase the heat or temperature of your android phone. In addition, the position of the way the device is held is also very influential, if you hold it the wrong way, your android phone can also heat up quickly.

5. Viruses and Malware

Viruses and Malware can also be one of the causes of your Android smartphone device overheating. This is because they will continue to operate without you being aware of it background your android smartphone system to access various information.

The activities carried out by viruses and malware will also burden the CPU work so that it emits excess heat, especially if it is accompanied by the use of applications.

6. HP is playing when charging

Playing with cellphones while charging is one of the things that most people do. Even though using a smartphone when charging will actually make your smartphone battery fuller longer (the battery still receives electricity).

While the battery continues to receive electrical energy, components in your smartphone such as the CPU will also continue to draw electricity from the battery. Conditions like this cause both the CPU and battery to release heat which will build up over time and cause overheating on your smartphone device.

If you don’t stop using your smartphone while charging (especially for heavy use like listening to music, watching videos, playing games, and multitasking).

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7. Use HP Reasonably

Pay attention to how to use the device, if your android phone is non-stop for chatting, texting, and calling simultaneously, then the heat in the components is unavoidable. A good solution is to use the device fairly, if you want sms, turn off chats such as whatsapp, wechat, and other chat applications.

Also, don’t play games and surf for too long. Because if you use it simultaneously, the components on the HP will also work more extra, and of course it will heat up quickly.

8. Overcharge

Overcharge is a condition that occurs in your battery if you leave your android smartphone in a state of charging excessively. For example, when leaving your Android smartphone in a charging state before going to bed.

Of course this will make your android smartphone receive excess electricity (heat energy) and will propagate to the part of your smartphone which is made of heat-conducting material.

9. Pay attention to applications that are working in the background

On android devices, even though you have removed the application by pressing the back button repeatedly, there are some applications that remain open in the background of the phone screen, even though you have removed them. Well this is what can make your device heat up quickly.

10. Pay attention to the strength of the HP network

Have you ever noticed that placing your cellphone in a closed room will affect the signal quality of your cellphone? It doesn’t have to be in a closed place, even in the room it’s usually difficult to get a signal, right? Now, because the cellphone is difficult to get a signal, the components will work more to get the signal back to the device you have.

Then what if you want to text and browse the internet, look for an open place that has a good signal quality, don’t use an Android cellphone to surf the internet when the cellphone signal is weak.

Well, that’s a review of 10 Reasons Why Android Phones Heat Fast. If the explanation above is unclear, or you want to give us a recommendation, what article to make next, please comment below, smart friend…

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