10 Power Banks Suitable for Traveling

Power Bank is a charging device gadgets or smartphone which portable or can be taken anywhere without using a power plug. Producer Power Bank competing to develop power bankaccording to consumer needs.

If you are traveling, traveling nor adventure in the forest, you do not escape carrying gadgets or smartphone to complete the equipment you need. When traveling it’s definitely very difficult to get a power plug then alternative-you have to use power bank when traveling.

10 Power Banks Suitable for Traveling

Now! this time TipsPintar.com will discuss 10 Power Bank Suitable For Traveling, so that your adventure will be more exciting without having to worry gadgets or smartphone you low-battery.

1. Zealot S8

Power Bank Zealot S8

PRICE Rp309,000,- Jakmall
EXCESS Has Features Bluetooth Speaker, Knob touch, Cloud radio, pedometer and social interaction
DEFICIENCY Size is too big for traveling because it has dimensions of 170 x 72 x 72 mm which is not efficient for packing travell which only has a little space

Zealot S8 is power bank which is multifunctional because there are portable speakers with connection bluetooth 4.0 so you can listen to songs from smartphone you are wireless. Power Bank this is suitable for you who like traveling while listening to music.

Power Bank it has a 4000mAh battery. Apart from being power bank speaker it has function as cloud radio, pedometer and social interactions. Power Bank it can be used for all operating systems smartphone.

Excess power bank it uses the button touch which is more practical than navigating using hard physical buttons. power bank it also has microphone so you can answer incoming calls.

2. Tuff Batt

Power Bank Tuff Batt

PRICE Rp263,000,- Jakmall
EXCESS Waterproof and LED Flashlight 2 level
DEFICIENCY There is only 1 port USB

Tuff Batt is power bank with a battery capacity of 7800mAh, you can charge the battery gadgets or smartphone you from empty to full battery.

Power Bank it is very tough because it has body which in design specially to face adventures with very obstacles extreme, because power bank It’s so sturdy and durable.

power bank This is perfect for carrying when traveling because it has advantages waterproof and has an LED that can produce light with 2 levels.

3. Zealot Bluetooth Speaker

Zealot Bluetooth Speaker Power Bank

PRICE Rp164,000,- Jakmall
EXCESS Bluetooth Speaker, LED Flashlight and Waterproof
DEFICIENCY Size is too big for traveling because it has dimensions of 156 x 51 x 51 mm which is not efficient for travel packing which only has a little space

Zealot Bluetooth Speaker is power bank which has a similar appearance to power bank zealot S8, but Zealot Bluetooth Speaker it has a slightly smaller dimension than the Zealot S8.

power bank this is the same as zealot S8 has a function as power bank naturally, portable speakers, LED flashlight and waterproof so that power bank this is suitable to carry when traveling or adventure.

power bank it has a battery capacity of 4000mAh, which can recharge the battery smartphone or your tablet.

Body from power bank it’s very tough and waterproof so that it can be carried on adventures and ready to hit every obstacle so it is not easily damaged.

4. Universal PowerSkin

PowerSkin Universal Power Bank

PRICE Rp149,900,- Jakmall
EXCESS Has a temperature protection feature
DEFICIENCY Only 1 . available port

Universal PowerSkin is Power Bank which is multi-device, because it can be used for charging smartphone or tablets for those of you who like to travel or traveling.

Battery on power bank it’s very strong, bodyits very light and portable. With a high-capacity battery charge, lightweight design, there is a charging cable and output ports which has been integrated.

The battery capacity is 5000mAh so it is quite durable to use and there is also protection for high and low temperatures.

5. Festival

Power Bank Efest

PRICE Rp.285.800,- Jakmall
EXCESS Have body durable and fast and safe charging
DEFICIENCY Only have 1 output ports charging

efest is power bank which has a battery capacity of 12000mAh which is a very large capacity and can be used up to 3-4 times the battery charge smartphone you.

power bank it has design which slim and portable. Apart from that the ingredients body power bank it is very strong and durable so it is very easy to carry anywhere especially for traveling.

power bank it’s already embedded chips and the best components so that it is very safe to use and prevents short circuits, short circuits, over changer and others.

power bank there is output USB with volt 5V with 2.1 Ampere which can charge smartphone you are faster and safer.

6. Solar Waterproof

Waterproof Solar Power Bank

PRICE Rp136.000,- Jakmall
EXCESS Body Slim, Waterproof and Using solar power
DEFICIENCY Takes a long time to charge power bank

Solar Waterproof is power bank by charging the battery by relying on sunlight. If smartphone you low-battery by using power bank With this, you don’t have to worry anymore about recharging the battery.

With power bank The solar battery will be charged every time it is outside the room that is exposed to direct sunlight. other than that power bank this bodyher in design special that is waterproof, so that it can withstand sufficient travel environment extreme.

power bank It has a capacity of up to 5000mAh. You can fill smartphone you from empty battery to full battery up to several times without having to charge power bank the.

7. Taff Round Solar

Power Bank Taff Round Solar

PRICE Rp135.000,- Jakmall
EXCESS Using solar power
DEFICIENCY No Waterproof

Taff Round Solar is power bank which has the same function as power bank Solar waterproof. power bank This is powered by direct sunlight and is definitely very suitable for those of you who like traveling.

power bank it can charge smartphone from empty battery to full. With power bank You don’t need to use electricity, because charging uses sunlight. power bank This is suitable for all types smartphone with Micro USB.

8. Foldable Solar 7W

Power Bank Foldable Solar 7W

PRICE Rp222.000,- Jakmall
EXCESS Slim and light weight, using solar power
DEFICIENCY Only has 1 USB output port

Foldable Solar 7W is power bank relying on sunlight for charging power bank. Together with power bank before you don’t have to worry when you’re traveling by using power bank this..

power bank it will charge if exposed to direct sunlight. Foldable have design which can be folded to be small and light so that it is efficient to store in a bag traveling you.

Has a large capacity that relies on sunlight so it can charge smartphone you are empty until full several times without having to charge the battery power bank.

9. ZeroLemon SolarJuice

Power Bank ZeroLemon SolarJuice

PRICE Rp448.000,- Jakmall
EXCESS Have 2 Port USB and Waterproof
DEFICIENCY It takes a long time to charge the battery especially if there is no sunlight

ZeroLemon SolarJuice is power bank relying on solar charging. You just need to dry power bank in the hot sun to charge the battery.

power bank it has 2 port USB so it can do 2 . charging smartphone simultaneously. Body power bank It is protected with strong materials so it is not easily damaged if bumped and dropped.

other than that power bank it already has certification IPX Waterproof so it can be used for traveling in an environment that extreme and wet.

10. Emie Power Blade

Power Bank Emie Power Blade

PRICE Rp399.900,- Jakmall
EXCESS Body slim and there are 2 Port USB
DEFICIENCY No Waterproof

Emie Power Blade is power bank which has a thin shape and resembles paper. You can put power bank this in your binder or book.

power bank it has a capacity of up to 8000mAh and has 2 port USB that can charge 2 smartphone simultaneously. power bank it has design which is easy and practical to carry anywhere, especially for traveling.

So, what do you think power bank which one is very suitable for carrying traveling? Please try to leave a comment below here power bank which one is perfect for traveling or do you have power bank your mainstay to bring traveling?

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