10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of All Time (Update 2022)

Hello smart friends! I’m sure you guys like watching videos on YouTube right? Yes, social media where video sharing is indeed very popular because it has many interesting videos. In fact, until many people mention that YouTube is more than TV. There is no doubt about it, my friend!

So, do you know which videos have the most views of all time? This time SmartTips.com will discuss which YouTube videos are the most watched of all time.

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Wow! This is the Best Selling Youtube Video of All Time

Not just millions, numbers view from these videos it has reached billions, amazing isn’t it? rather than lingering, let’s see!

1. Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankees

This very popular song in 2022 is indeed very extraordinary. Proven in less than 1 year, video clip from the song creation Luis Fonsi it got more than 4.6 Billion view . If calculated roughly, the number of views of this video is equivalent to 60% of the number of humans on Earth, Wow!

2. Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth

Not only film-his, soundtrack from the movie Furious 7 This is also considered very successful. A song made in memory of the late Paul Walker it managed to get more than 3.3 Billion view . Not only that, this song is also the beginning of the success of Charlie Puth.

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3. PSY – Gangnam Style (강남스타일)

3rd place is occupied by the only Asian on this list. Gangnam Style is a Korean-language song composed PSY who managed to shake the world in 2022. The Gangnam Style ‘Joget’ fever hit the world at that time. It’s no wonder that until now, the video clip has gotten more than 3.04 billion view.

4. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

Shape of You is one of the single from a famous British singer. Yes, a singer with a real name Edward Christopher Sheeran it has really nice songs to listen to. The flagship single released last year has already reached 3 billion view more.

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5. Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

If you think this song belongs to Bruno Mars, you are very wrong. Songs that get more than 2.8 Billion view in YouTube this is the result of one person DJ at a time Producer famous British origin, Mark Ronson. This DJ, who often plays guitar in every appearance, collaborates with Bruno Mars to single which was released in 2022.

6. Justin Bieber – Sorry

Singer who is famous for YouTube This is indeed very popular, especially by women. Evidently, one of the videos clip singlewhich was released in 2022, has already earned more than 2.8 billion view on YouTube.

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7. Masha And The Bear – Get Movies

This video is the only video non-music in these 10 sequences. Masha and the Bear is a cartoon series from Russia that has been translated into 25 languages. And uniquely again, the video that has earned 2.7 billion view in YouTube this is a pirated video or it can be called re-upload.

8. Maroon 5 – Sugar

Who doesn’t know maroon 5? band The legendary from Los Angeles, California released the song Sugar in 2022. Video clip which almost reached 2.5 Billion view it tells about Maroon 5 which gives surprise on fansthe one who is married. Interesting right? Please watch for yourself.

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9. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

This video is quite unique, because Taylor Swift told to follow activities such as Ballet, Hip-Hop Dance, Robotic Dance, and Cheerleader, but move as he pleases. Single which was released in 2022 has earned more than 2.4 Billion view in YouTube.

10. Enrique Iglesias – Bailando (Español) ft. Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona

The 10th place is occupied by a living legend from Spain who lives in Miami, United States. Maybe many of you don’t know Enrique Iglesias. One of the videos clip from singlewhich was released in 2022, Bailando, managed to reach more than 2.45 Billion view in YouTube.

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So those are the videos YouTube most watched of all time. Which do you think is the most interesting? Oh, for those of you who haven’t subscribe, please stop by SmartTips channel there are many interesting videos that we make. Do not forget subscribe, Hope Entertaining!

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