10 Most Powerful Ways to Prevent Viruses from Entering Your Smartphone

The main enemy of smartphones is viruses. Viruses are the most annoying thing. The reason is that if the smartphone has been exposed to a virus, your smartphone may be slow or like to turn off on its own.

Wow, this virus is very dangerous. For that you have to pay attention so that the smartphone does not enter the virus. SmartTips.com will tell you how to prevent the virus from entering the smartphone.

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Here’s How To Prevent Viruses From Entering Smartphones

It is very important to protect your smartphone from virus attacks. Therefore, you should read this article carefully.

1. Download Apps in Trusted Places

Download in Trusted Places

Download in Trusted Places

The first way is to download the application in a trusted place. If you download applications from outside sites, your smartphone could be infected with a virus. Outside sites will not guarantee that the application does not contain viruses.

The reason is, applications that are on outside sites do not guarantee safe from viruses. Meanwhile, if you download applications from trusted places, such as Google Play Store or App Store it has been confirmed safe from viruses.

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2. Avoid Suspicious Apps

Dangerous Apps

Dangerous Apps

The next way is to avoid suspicious applications. Suspicious applications must have dangerous viruses. This application is usuallyinstall suddenly without your knowledge.

For that, you must remove suspicious applications so that your smartphone is safe from viruses that try to attack or take important data on your smartphone.

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3. Take Advantage of Device Security Features

Device Security

Device Security

The next way is to take advantage of the security features of your smartphone. When you-install suspicious application, then this feature will warn that the application is dangerous or has a virus in it.

While installing the application, a warning appears that the application has a virus that will damage your smartphone. For that, you must really activate this feature on your smartphone.

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4. Avoid Apps That Require Private Access

Access Personal Data

Access Personal Data

The next way is to avoid applications that require private access. If you have everinstall the application will definitely ask for permissions such as requiring private access so that the application can be installed.

By giving permission to access personal data, the virus will easily enter the smartphone and will take your important data. So when there is an application that requires private access permission, you should reject it.

5. Checking the Developer Name of the Application

Application Developer Name

Application Developer Name

The next way is to check from the name of the application developer. Each application must have the name of the developer or the name of the creator of the application. If you download but there is no developer name, you should not proceed.

There will definitely be a very dangerous virus when youdownload-his. It’s the same with applications that have the name of the developer. You have to keep checking, whether the name of the developer is famous or not.

6. Be careful when transferring data from a smartphone or laptop

Data Transfer

Data Transfer

The next way is to be careful when moving smartphone or laptop data. When you are transferring data, you have to be careful. It is possible that the data to be transferred has a virus.

If the data contains a virus, the virus can easily enter your device. For that, you must pay close attention that the data to be transferred is safe from harmful viruses.

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7. Be Cautious When Opening Sites

Advertising on Smartphone

Advertising on Smartphone

The next way is to be vigilant when opening the site. Maybe you like to open sites for reference materials or something. However, when you open the site. You have to keep an eye on these sites.

The reason is that there are viruses that exist on every site, especially if strange or dangerous advertisements appear which may be viruses that have started to enter your smartphone. For that, don’t open strange sites, smart friend.

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8. Be careful when using Free WiFi

Free WiFi

Free WiFi

The next way is to be careful about using free WiFi. Indeed, when you don’t have Internet packages but want to keep on the internet, it’s best to use WiFi especially if it’s free.

However, you must remain vigilant when using this WiFi. Because your smartphone may be exposed to a virus directly. So don’t get excited first when using WiFi for free.

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9. Use the Best Antivirus

Use Antivirus

Use Antivirus

The next way is to use the best antivirus. If your smartphone already has a virus, you can clean it with an antivirus. In addition, the antivirus will also protect the smartphone from viruses.

With an antivirus, your smartphone will be safe and when you open a site or browseinstall an application that is thought to have a virus. Then the antivirus will automatically provide notifications where the smartphone is that there is a virus.

10. Update Smartphone OS

Smartphone OS Upgrade

Smartphone OS Upgrade

The last way is to update the smartphone OS. Every smartphone must have an OS that can protect against data from malicious virus attacks that try to attack your smartphone.

If you update the smartphone OS. Surely the OS has a maximum defense than the previous OS. However, you must pay attention to the specifications of your smartphone when you want to update the OS.

Well, that’s him 10 Most Powerful Ways to Prevent Viruses from Entering Your Smartphone. If you have any other suggestions or opinions. Please give it in the comments column and don’t forget to Share this article so that more people know.

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