10 Most Haram Places to Take Smartphones

Smartphone is an electronic item that has capabilities such as a computer in the form of a mobile phone. Well, surely you are never separated from your smartphone in the morning, afternoon and evening, right, guys?

Oh yes, but be careful, guys, when playing smartphone in these forbidden places? What place are you about? Alright, just read on, guys!

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Here are the 10 Most Haram Places to Remove Smartphones

Now! This time SmartTips.com will review the forbidden place to issue smartphone. So, watch carefully, guys!

1. Places of Worship

Worship place

Selfie at the Place of Worship

The first forbidden place is worship place. Yep! Don’t you ever take out your smartphone at a place of worship, guys, okay? Mosque, church, Temple, monastery and Pagoda.

This is an ethics and respect for others in worship. Because, a place of worship is a place where you interact with God.

Well, it’s best when you’re at a place of worship, turn it off or on silent, guys, so you don’t disturb other people in worship too, guys!

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2. Toilet


Playing Smartphone in Toilet

The second forbidden place is toilet. Why is the toilet a forbidden place to remove? smartphone, because you could be unlucky again smartphone you fall into the closet.

It could be damaged, guys, if smartphone you got in the water. In addition, the toilet is a place that is full of bacteria and germs. Well, don’t you want smartphone Are you filled with bacteria and germs? What you have is so sick!

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3. Cinema


Playing Smartphone While Watching in Cinema

The third forbidden place is cinema. Yep! You already know that the cinema forbids you to play smartphone when the movie show is playing.

This is so that you don’t violate the copyright of the movies you watch. Besides that, issuing smartphone while watching the cinema will also disturb the other viewers, guys!

Don’t let other audiences mock you, because of your tacky behavior when you’re recording a movie while watching a movie. Hehehe..

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4. When Carrying a Vehicle

Bringing Vehicles While Playing HP

Playing Smartphone While Carrying Vehicle

The fourth forbidden place is vehicle. Why the vehicle? Yes, because if you play smartphone when driving a vehicle will endanger yourself and others too, guys!

Because, your concentration will be divided and you will not focus on the highway. Well, it’s best if you want to take out smartphone When driving a vehicle, pull over on the side of the road first, guys..

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5. Gas Station

Play HP at gas stations

Receiving Calls While Filling Gasoline

The fifth forbidden place is gas station (Public Refueling Station). Gas stations are the most dangerous places when playing a smartphone. Well, never take it out and play smartphone when filling up with gas, guys!

It is intended that the signal from smartphone You don’t affect and disturb the gas station, guys. In addition, to avoid explosions and fires at gas stations.

So, from now on save first smartphone you are filling up gas, guys!

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6. Work Meeting Room

Playing Mobile During Work Meetings

Playing Smartphone During Work Meeting

The sixth forbidden place is when in meeting room. Because, if you play smartphone during a meeting will disturb other workers, because of the sound of ringtones or notifications smartphone you.

In addition to disturbing other workers, you will also be judged badly by your boss. You might get fired, guys, for playing smartphone while in a meeting.

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7. Concert Venue

Watching Concerts While Playing HP

Taking Photos While Watching a Concert

The seventh forbidden place is the place when you watch concert. Why is that? Because it’s possible smartphone you fall and get damaged while jostling with other spectators.

Worse yet, it could be smartphone you were robbed by other people while you were enjoying the concert. After all, it will be a waste, guys, if you record while watching a concert because of the results videos and the photo will be blurry.

So, you better save it smartphone you guys just keep it safe.

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8. Beachside

Play Smartphone on the Beach

Playing Smartphone While On The Beach

The eighth forbidden place is seashore. Why is the beach a forbidden place to spend? smartphone, because you could be unlucky again smartphone you fell on the beach.

It could be damaged, guys, if smartphone you fall into the sea. It’s too bad if smartphone you plunged deep into the bottom of the beach.

If smartphone If it’s fallen to the bottom of the sea, it can be hard to find, guys. So, keep it safe smartphone you guys!

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9. Mountain Top

Play HP on the Mountain

Playing Smartphone While On The Top Of The Mountain

The ninth forbidden place is top of the mountain. Just like at a gas station, your smartphone signal will be disturbed when you are at the top of the mountain, especially if it rains with lightning.

Wow! You could be struck by lightning and endanger your life, guys. So, keep it safe smartphone you guys, if you need to turn it off smartphone-his.

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10. Bed

Playing HP on the Mattress

Playing Smartphone When You Want To Sleep

The tenth forbidden place is in bed. Why is it forbidden to issue smartphone when you want to sleep? Because, it can be when you start to sleep smartphone you will fall out of bed and cause smartphone you are broken.

Besides, while sleeping and smartphone you are on a bed close to you, the radiation signal will interfere with your brain nerves and will result in brain disorders in the long term, guys!

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So, how are you smart? You already know the forbidden place when using smartphone. Well, if you have criticism and suggestions, write them in the comments column, guys!

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