10 Most Exciting iPhone Games for Kids

In this era of technology, early childhood is now familiar with technology. They understand how to use gadgets, smartphone or iPhone properly and correctly. Sometimes, as a parent, you don’t escape monitoring your child’s development when using technology.

Especially when the child is playing games on gadgets-his. too much games which is not suitable for children because considering the child is still small and is still in the stage of developing his way of thinking. But a lot too games which offers education for the development of the child’s thinking.

10 Most Exciting iPhone Games for Kids

Let’s try to see! Games iPhone What are the most exciting things for children, especially to fill the child’s vacation time, by teaching him? games useful education.

1. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Game Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is one of several games by using a cute monkey character at a price of Rp. 29,000, – in iTunes. Games It teaches pre-school children to recognize shapes, learn to count, solve puzzles and recognize colors.

Whenever the monkey opens its food box a new lesson comes out. Monkeys need the child’s help to find all the green fruit, reach for a stowberry or find a fruit that starts with the letter in question.

If the answer is wrong, it does not get points and when the guess is answered incorrectly, it will be a lesson for the child. Games It’s very easy to play to learn quickly.

2. Moonbeeps: Firefiles

Game Moonbeeps:Fireflies

Moonbeeps: Fireflies is games at a price of Rp. 45,000,- di iTunes this is games with a very beautiful view. Children will find glowing fireflies making sounds in the forest.

Games It’s quite simple, because the kids just need to catch the fireflies and add them to the collection. How to catch it by pressing the fireflies.

There are 4 different fireflies to catch, each with a different color and the child can touch the screen rhythmically to the music from the album Polyphonic Spree.

3. Angry Birds

Angry Birds Games

Angry Bird is games most popular for quite a while, in iTunes games this includes games which you can get for free. Character on games these are birds and pigs. Several pigs sat in a small building and the bird’s job was to kill the pigs.

The pig is a bad pig because no one knows what the pig will do later. Therefore birds do not like the presence of these pigs.

Games This trains children to set strategies to kill the pig. Games This puzzle also every level up will have different difficulties and of course with different strategies. If the child is bored, the child can change the character of the bird to kill the group of pigs.

4. Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet Games

Endless Alphabet is games iPhone at a price of Rp. 129,000, – in iTunes. Games this includes games with interactive education and unique games, because it teaches children to learn the letters of the alphabet.

Games by using adorable monster characters plus colorful ones that can teach memorizing letters of the alphabet and making vocabulary.

There are over 50 words to learn, each featuring an interactive puzzle. Endless Alphabet is the most fun way to teach kids to learn letters Alphabet without pressure and also the limitations of learning media.

5. Cut The Rope

Game Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope is puzzle games iPhone paid in iTunes at a price of Rp. 29,000, -. Games with a frog character who is an alien named Om Nome, came to earth and all he wanted to do was eat candy.

Children are required to cut the rope byswipe the screen is like a rope cutting motion to give Om Nome candy. Games it is indicated for children aged 9-12 years.

Games This requires a child to solve problems and think critically. Each level up, difficulty level games it increases. Games This also teaches children to have patience because this game includes games The most difficult.

6. Gazziliscience

Gazziliscience Games

Gazziliscience is games iPhone which is paid at a price of Rp. 29,000, – in iTunes. Games This is designed for science learning and of course packaged so easily and fun.

There are 6 different games, each with its own aspect science something different for the child to learn. Games It also has different characters that can teach the child about plants, seasons, the water cycle and more.

Children can plant seeds of plants by transforming into trees and flowers. In addition, children can learn about wildlife. Every time the children finish a lesson, games This opens up other science lessons in a very fun way.

7. Figuromo Kids: Simply Missy

Figuromo Kids Game: Simply Missy

Figuromo Kids: Simply Missy is games which you can get at iTunes for free. Games with doll characters. Games This is very useful to train children to learn colors easily and also fun.

There are 4 doll characters with the same graphics and can be colored by the child separately. The child can color everything from hair, clothes, shoes, leather, motifs on clothes and hair until the background can be colored by the child.

Games It also teaches children to develop their creative ideas. other than that games It also has other characters such as dogs, dollhouses, owls and also toy cars.

8. Art/Music Drawnimal

Game Art/Music Drawnimal

Art/Music Drawnimal is games which is paid at a price of Rp. 29,000, – in iTunes. Games which brings a simple pen and paper tool on the screen iPhone you. Games It encourages children to learn to draw animals on the screen based on the letters they choose.

Games which allows children to practice lessons alphabet, encourage the curiosity of the child, introduce the latest technology and most importantly teach the child to think beyond their minds.

Games It is perfect for children of all ages, from pre-school to elementary school. This app compatible with 5 different languages ‚Äč‚Äčnamely English, Spanish, German, French and Italy.

9. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja Games

Fruit Ninja is video games developed by half brick in Brisbane, Australia. Games you can get this for free at iTunes. Games the most popular is the old cuku at the time of 2022.

Games with the main role being chef who likes to cut fruit and vegetables. The task of the child is as chef which cuts fruits and vegetables quickly. There are obstacles in the form of bombs that must be avoided. If the bomb is touched then the game loses.

Games It also teaches the child to perform fast movements, accuracy and dexterity. other than that games It also introduces various types of fruits and vegetables to broaden the child’s knowledge.

10. Super Why!

Super Why!

Super Why! is games iPhone at a price of Rp. 59,000, – in iTunes. Games featuring characters from the show PBS popular with the same name to help children with their ability to read and write.

On games There are 3 features led by different characters. There is Alpha Pig, which is the task of the child to create a word. There is Princess Presto, which is the child’s job to sort out the traceable words. Last teacher Wonder Red, which is the task of the child to find the words that rhyme.

Games It also includes an interactive storybook where children get instructions to enter the correct words to complete sentences.

So, how about Smart friend? Approximately games what is suitable for children? Games in which there is a child’s learning to train the child’s fine motor and gross motor. Let’s give your comments about which game is the most interesting for children?

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