10 Most Battery-consuming Apps on Android, Uninstall Now!

Now there are more and more applications, get started diet monitoring app, karaoke app nor TV watching app. In addition, the application is like something that must be installed by every smartphone, be it on iOS or Android. But did you know that there are battery-consuming apps on Android.

Applications that waste battery you should uninstall only, because it can damage your smartphone battery. What are some battery-consuming Android apps? SmartTips.com will tell you what battery-consuming Android apps you should just uninstall.

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List of the Most Battery-intensive Android Apps

Indeed, having many applications will make you feel at home using Android. However, you have to pay attention to battery-intensive applications. Instead of being curious, just read this article.

1. Facebook



The first order is Facebook. Facebook is a social media application that has many users. If you have the Facebook app. You should uninstall it, because the incoming notification makes the battery run out quickly.

In addition, if you are still logged in on Facebook. When people update on the homepage, your Facebook will continue to run, so your quota will continue to run and your Android battery will run out quickly.

If you stay logged in Facebook, maybe Facebook has been hacked by your friends and other people, especially if lost smartphone it can be dangerous. Wow, don’t let it be, smart friend, for that, try deleting this Facebook application.

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2. Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps

Next there is Google Maps. Google Maps is very useful when you are traveling long distances. You can also monitor the Transjakarta bus schedule nor track people’s position in real-time via Google Maps.

Google Maps is very important for some people, but did you know that? This application makes Android battery wasteful. In addition, your internet quota runs out quickly too, smart friend. So for those of you who like long trips, try using GPS offline.

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3. BBM



Next there is BBM. This application had many users in previous years. But do you know? That this application makes your Android battery run out quickly, smart friend.

This application will always be active even if you do not open it. So that the Android battery becomes wasteful. BBM is a social media that you can use to chat or make phone or video calls.

You can also use best chat app which you can use to replace fuel. Now many other people have left this BBM application because it is less attractive and people use it a lot WhatsApp nor Line.

4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Next there is Facebook Messenger. Applications that are default from Facebook, can also make your Android battery wasteful. This application is only used to send messages to your friends.

But who would have thought that this application belongs to an application that makes Android battery wasteful. Now Facebook Messenger brings games you can play. The game is very exciting and you will be addicted to playing the game.

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5. Clean Master

Clean Master

Clean Master

Next there is Clean Master. Well, this time it’s a very useful application for your Android which will clean up the garbage in your Android memory that may have accumulated a lot.

But, this application can make Android battery wasteful. The reason is, Clean Master will run continuously silently to monitor from your Android. Applications that run continuously will definitely make the battery drain quickly.

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6. Instagram



Next there is Instagram. This application is included in the social media that has many users. Instagram itself is known to share your activities through photos or videos that you will share.

If you want to know all the activities of that person, you have to follow him first. You can also know people who have followed back your Instagram. But who would have thought that this application is a waste of battery.

Similar to Facebook, Instagram has a timeline that is always active so that your Android battery becomes wasteful and your internet quota runs out quickly, smart friend. You can also use the web version of Instagram to save battery.

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7. Weather Forecast

weather forecast

weather forecast

Next there is weather forecast. This application will tell the weather that is happening on the same day. This application will alwaysupdates the weather that is happening on that day is also smart friend.

You will run out of battery and Internet packages you. Because, this application will update every hour even every minute. For that, you can also find out the weather from the TV so that it saves more on your battery and internet package.

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8. Snapchat



Next there is Snapchat. This application is almost similar to Instagram, which shares photos and videos where you can chat also in your posts on Snapchat. Certainly quite fun, smart friend.

But this one application really drains Android battery. Because on your timeline, the latest updates from other people will always appear. So that your Android battery will decrease continuously until your Android battery runs out.

9. Spotify Music

Spotify Music

Spotify Music

Next there is Spotify Music. This application is used to play music online. Spotify Music also always updates the latest music, both Indonesian and foreign music.

Updates every day, allowing your internet quota to run continuously and you must continue to use the internet for sure. If you turn off, the data plan means you won’t get the latest songs.

For this reason, it is required to turn on the internet package so that it is always updated with the latest songs. Well, so does your battery which will run out quickly if you listen to music from Spotify Music.

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10. Android Default Apps

Default Apps

Default Apps

The last order is the default Android application. Who says the default application does not make your Android battery wasteful? It turns out that the default application can make your Android battery wasteful.

The default application is not that important for you. Because the default application only monitors and provides the latest notifications, whether it’s about your smartphone or your new smartphone product.

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Well, that’s him 10 Most Battery-consuming Apps on Android, Uninstall Now! If you have any other suggestions or opinions. Please give it in the comments column and don’t forget to Share this article so that more people know.

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