10 Luxury Buildings That Turns Awful! Have You Been To?

You must be happy to see luxury buildings in big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and others.

Of course, these buildings have a nice and amazing appearance, yes. However, this is not the case with the luxury buildings that we will present below.

The following buildings seem haunted even though they have a fairly luxurious shape. Curious what building? Come on, see the following article.

The Most Awful Luxury Buildings in Indonesia

1. Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu

Who does not know about this luxurious building? Buildings erected since the reign Dutch East Indies it does have mystical stories in it.

No wonder a lot of people are doing searches and doing a test of guts in this place. As a result, a private TV station program once conducted a guts test, and a kuntilanak was recorded in this place.

2. Old Town

Old town

Old town

Surely you often visit this tourist spot during the weekends? Maybe you see the buildings in the tourist complex Old town it’s okay guys.

However, these buildings have experienced dark times. For example, the field in front of you Museum Fatahillah, the field was used by the Dutch East Indies government to watch prisoners who were about to be executed.

Many local residents experience mystical events when passing through the Old Town area, they are like seeing the ghost of a Dutch noni, a ghost without a head, and other mystical things.

3. Klender Mall

Klender Mall

Klender Mall

Maybe those of you who were born in the 90s and witnessed the looting carried out in 1998 will remember the tragedy Klender Mall this.

Where hundreds of people burned in it and produced many mystical events after that. Many local residents often see spirits wandering around the Klender Mall, hiiii… it’s scary.

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4. PI Bedugul Taman Hotel Restaurant

PI Bedugul Garden Hotel Restaurant

PI Bedugul Garden Hotel Restaurant

If you hear the word ‘Bali’, it must be a very beautiful place. But not with buildings in the area Bedugul, Bali this guys.

Seen from the outside, this hotel looks magnificent, it’s just that this luxury hotel has not been used for a long time. That’s what adds to the mystical impression that exists in this luxury hotel.

Locals think that they often see astral beings in this luxurious place. In addition, access to enter this place is quite difficult.

5. Beautiful Cottage House

Beautiful Cottage House

Beautiful Cottage House

This house, which is located in an elite housing estate, has a very scary mystical story. No wonder the story of Rumah Pondok Indah was made into a ghost film.

The most famous story of this house is that the fried rice maker disappeared after receiving an order from the house.

6. Bandung Medical Center (BMC) Hospital

Bandung Medical Center Hospital

Bandung Medical Center Hospital

For those of you who are in the Bandung area or want a horror visit in the Bandung area, you can visit Bandung Medical Center Hospital or what is known as the building BMC this guys.

The building, which has not been maintained for more than 20 years, holds many mystical events in it. So, for those of you who like to test your guts, you can try doing it in this place.

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7. Saidah Tower

Saidah Tower

Saidah Tower

For those of you who live in the area Jakarta East, definitely not surprised by this luxurious building huh. Although luxurious, it turns out that this building has a mystical story that surrounds it.

It is said that in this building there are spirits wandering that make the tenants leave. The condition of the building that is not maintained adds to the impression of horror in this building.

Reportedly, this building is also tilted and has the potential to collapse at any time. It also makes tenants reluctant to come to this luxurious building.

8. Octopus House

Octopus House

Octopus House

This house in the Bandung area is indeed the most mysterious house. Imagine, there are many rumors that this house is a satanic church in Indonesia.

So mysterious and mystical, Octopus House This was once made into a scary horror film.

However, after conducting an investigation with the owner of the house, the Octopus statue on the roof of this house is only art, and all assumptions about the Satanic Church are mere hoaxes.

9. Potato House

Potato House

Potato House

Many versions say that in Potato House In this there is a ghost of a small child who wanders due to death in a potato stew cauldron.

It is said that the little boy often appeared around the house, and smelled the stench of boiled potatoes at night.

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10. Manggarai Station

Manggarai Station

Manggarai Station

Maybe right now Manggarai Station It looks neat and luxurious. But do you know the dark story behind the splendor of Manggarai station?

Yep, in ancient times every train had an accident, the carriages were stored in a special area at Manggarai Station.

That’s what causes the circulation of mystical stories about this one station. The most popular story about Manggarai Station is the existence of a ghost train.

Well, that’s some luxury buildings that turned out to have a mystical story in it. Have you visited any? Don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

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