10 Latest Hero Counter Benedetta Mobile Legends (ML) 2022

Here are the 10 latest Benedetta Mobile Legends (ML) counterheroes in 2022!

Hero Benedetta has recently begun to appear in the Mobile Legends (ML) scene, thanks to its high agility and damage.

Hero counter Benedetta ml

In this regard, SPIN Esports will offer 10 new Benedetta hero counters in Mobile Legends (ML) 2022.

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Franco is the first effective tank hero to counter Benedetta’s powerful abilities. Skills 1 and 3 are very effective at stopping Benedetta easily.


Then there’s Minsitter, who can easily stop Benedetta’s agile movements with his ultimate skills.


New lancelot skin
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Lancelot can also be used to thwart Benedetta by using his high agility and damage to fight Benedetta.

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Purple dragon

Then there’s Giron, who can easily kill Benedetta with combo skills starting with skills 1 and 2 and basic attacks.


The fifth hero is Nana, who has skill 2 (crowd control) and can capture Benedetta as it is. If caught, Benedetta will die just by attacking his teammates.


Chou is actually a crowd control specialist, and any agile hero can easily be caught, so you can even use Chou to fight Benedetta.

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Serena Mobile Legend.Serena wallpaper

Especially for Serena, you need to use it until skill 2 hits, then attack her with combo skills and basic attacks.


After being improved, Eudora is also included in the list, as this hero’s damage and crowd control abilities are truly deadly. In fact, he could easily beat Benedetta solo.


The ninth person is Kaja. Use his ultimate skills to block Benedetta’s movements and ensure he can’t do anything.


Build Kufra

The last one is Khufra, who actually has special skills to counter the king of hero counters, heroes like Benedetta.

According to SPIN Esports, these are the 10 most effective Benedetta Mobile Legends Counter Heroes in 2022.

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