10 Latest Free CV Templates Making Sites 2022

Curriculum vitae (CV) is really needed when we apply for a job. This document will be an attachment to a job application letter that you will give to a company.

Well, on this occasion we want to tell you a site to create free and free dancing CV templates that you can visit online.

10 Most Updated Free CV Templates Sites 2022 (Must Try)

If you are curious about the site making CV free which we would recommend. You can read this article, guys…

1. Canva

Canva Free CV Templates


Create site CV the first free is Canva, you candownload CV for a job application that you have made later.

Canva also provide templates CV It’s free, to edit it you just need to click on the elements, text, and background that you want to add.

To download templates CV in Canva, you can choose the format as you wish. Because later you will be recommended various formats that you can choose.

2. Craft-CV

Craft-CV Free CV Template


The next site is Craft-CV, this site is one way to make CV attractive to apply for a job.

Just like the site makes CV others, you will be given templates CV free that you can redesign, guys.

So that the designs you create are saved, you should register so that you can change them at some point in the future.

3. CV Marker

CV Marker Free CV Template

CV Marker

CV Marker is a site for making CV free updated. This site is fairly easy to use to create a CV for a job application.

The template also has a pretty classic look. So it is perfect for those of you who like designs like this.

For those of you who want download CV job application in CV Marker, you can save it in PDF, HTML, and Text formats.

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4. My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume Free CV Template

My Perfect Resume

Almost the same as CV Marker, site My Perfect Resume It also has classic templates. But the CV template still looks elegant.

On this site you can also choose a template that matches the job you want to apply for. Templates given to My Perfect Resume This is quite a lot and specific, you know.

5. Zety

Zety Free CV Template


The fifth position is Zety, this site will guide you to create a CV for a job application. Later you will be asked to choose a template, fill in the data in the CV, etc.

Templates on the site make CV free is not very much. But for CV display issues, this site has a pretty good classic design.

6. ResumeUP

ResumUP Free CV Template


The sixth site is ResumeUP, this site is fairly easy to use you guys. Because on this site you no longer need to fill in data on CV.

The data to beinput to CV can you import via Facebook and LinkedIn. So you just carry on step step next.

To download templates CV what you make, you have to do login by using a Facebook account or something else.




Sites create templates CV next free is KICKRESUME, this site has enough templates for you to use, you guys.

You can alsoimport data from Linkedin for data on your CV. So you no longer need to be bothered to fill in the required personal data.

When you want todownload templates CV On this site you have to register first, guys.

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8. VisualCV

VisualCV Free CV Template


Site download CV the ninth job application, namely VisualCV. You can create an attractive CV design on this site.

To make a design CV You have to register first, guys. The choice of templates on this site is also very varied, you know, guys.

So you can make CV interesting for you to send to the company you want.

9. Resumonk

Resumonk Free CV Template


Sites create templates CV next free is Resumonk, the site has an example of a template that is quite simple, you know, guys.

You can alsoimport your personal data from Linkedin to fill in your personal data.

On this site, you are required to get other features upgrade premium. So there is a limit to the features you can use on this site.

10. Resume.com

Resume.com Free CV Template


Sites create templates CV the last free, is resume.com. You can use this site to create an attractive CV.

Just by connecting to Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn accounts to register on this site. You will also be presented with a template that is quite interesting to use.

Well, those were 10 sites that made templates CV free that you can visit guys. So, you just have to choose which design you like.

If you have criticism or suggestions on this article, you can write in the comments column below.

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