10 Indonesian Games with the Most ‘Inappropriate’ Titles (Little Children Are Forbidden to Read)

Who likes to play games? Of course, if you were asked like that, you would answer “I like“. Games can indeed make our free time more fun, guys.

Have you ever played games made in Indonesia? Indonesian games are no less exciting than other games. Surely you have never played a game made in Indonesia whose title is not polite or eccentric.

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SmartTips.com will tell you 10 Indonesian games with the most disrespectful or eccentric titles. Instead of taking too long, let’s just scroll down.

The following are 10 Indonesian games with the most ‘impolite’ titles (little children are not allowed to read)

1. Coli

Coli Games

Coli Games

Indonesian Games offline this does have a name that is not polite, huh guys? coli is a pronoun of Masturbation, therefore this game is considered as the game that has the most namesimpolite‘.

Games coli This is meant to hone skills When you do Coli, this game tests your coli ability for 1 minute. Game made in Indonesia developed by Madfal Studio and has the capacity 15 MB.

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2. Escape From Begal

Game Escape From Begal

Game Escape From Begal

Who doesn’t know begal? Yep, this incident is rife at night. Begal is a very sadistic crime, because before taking the victim’s belongings, he will abuse the victim.

Well, this Indonesian-made game has a name that is enough to make us remember the crime, namely Escape From Begal.

Just like in reality, this game sharpens us to find a way so as not to meet the thief. This Indonesian game was developed by Classeven Studio and capacity 20 MB.

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3. Peju

Fighter Games

Fighter Games

This Indonesian game also has a name thatimpolite‘. Cum is a pronoun of Sperm, judging from the name of the game made in Indonesia, this one definitely has gameplay quirky.

Gameplay in this game, we have to pass the existing obstacles. Game developed by Lite Bite and capacity 17 MB.

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4. Quiz Singles

Singles Quiz Game

Singles Quiz Game

In the fourth position, is the name of the game that makes the admin annoyed hehe… This game made in Indonesia is called Singles Quiz. Yes, being single in Indonesia is the most exciting mockery.

In this game you are required to be sensitive to understand the feelings of him (others) and learn to understand the feelings of others. Game developed by Agate Labs this capacity 19, 27 MB.

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5. Kids Age Now

Kids Games Today

Kids Games Today

Who doesn’t know the term “Kids Age Now“? Kids Jaman Now is an expression for children who are minors but have done what adults do. This Indonesian game chooses Sis Seto to be the main character.

To gameplayEven so, we must prevent Indonesia’s young generation from misbehaving that they should not do. Game developed by GINVO Studio it has capacity 7.5 MB

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6. Guess the Baper Image

Guess the Picture Baper Game

Guess the Picture Baper Game

This one game made in Indonesia can indeed make you baper. Guess the Baper Image is a quirky Indonesian game.

In this game we will guess the picture that will produce words that make us baper. Game developed by Local Studio it has capacity 7.3 MB

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7. TTS Cak Lontong

Cak Lontong TTS Game

Cak Lontong TTS Game

Who doesn’t know Cak Lontong, he’s a pointless quiz show host.

It’s an event that Cak Lontong brought only to entertain the people of Indonesia. Not long after, the latest Indonesian game called TTS Cak Lontong.

This game is almost the same as in TV, Cak Lontong will ask questions whose answers are beyond our comprehension. Game developed by Gambir Game Studio it has capacity 16 MB

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8. Say Love

Game Say Love

Game Say Love

Say love is a game made in Indonesia whose name is quite strange. This game tells of a single person who wants to express his love to his crush.

However, you have to help him to gather the power of love so that the single person is successful in expressing his love. This game was developed by Madfal Studio and capacity 15 MB.

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9. Sampak Jones

Soccer Jones Games

Soccer Jones Games

This one game is a game that has an impolite title. Shock Jones is a game made in Indonesia that tells the anger of a single person.

Gameplay In this game, you have to throw stones at people who are dating Sempak. Game developed by Madfa Studio and has the capacity 16 MB.

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10. No skipping school

Game No Skipping School

Game No Skipping School

In the tenth position there is a game called Dilarang Skipping School, this game made in Indonesia takes the story from events that occurred in the 2000s. Lots of students skipping action and creating chaos.

Gameplay in this game asks you to thwart the intention of students who want to skip school. Game developed by Madfal Studio it has capacity 18 MB.

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So, those are the 10 Indonesian games with the most ‘impolite’ titles (little children are not allowed to read). If you have criticism and suggestions, you can fill in the comments column below.

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