10 Important Tips Before Endorsing a Celebrity

Who here wants to be a Celebgram? Surely someone wants to be a Celebgram right? Just admit it! Don’t worry, you can be A successful celebrity.

The trick is to add Instagram followers and also improve your Instagram content to be more attractive and quality. That way, slowly there will be brands that want to endorse on your account.

Well, even if you are an online shop owner and have plans to endorse Selebgram, you must first know the current Selebgram endorse price list.

In addition, you also have to know tips before endorsement to Selebgram. Hmm… what are the requirements for Celebrity endorsement? Come on, just take a look, guys!

Celebgram Endorsement Benefits for Business

Before going into the discussion of tips before celebgram endorsements, it would be nice to know first the advantages of the following celebrity endorsements.

1. Expanding Market or Business Network

Important Tips Before Endorsing to Celebrities

Expanding Market or Business Network

The first advantage is that you can expand your market or business network. Because information about your product will be offered by the celebrity and it can spread quickly.

Not only that, the information will reach all levels of the business. So that this celebrity endorsement can be a reference for product recommendations to make it look real and not engineered like advertising visuals.

2. Add Instagram Followers Quickly

Important Tips Before Endorsing to Celebrities

Add Instagram Followers Quickly

The next advantage of celebgram endorsements is that you can add Instagram followers quickly. Because when promoting your product, the celebgrams will list your business account on social media.

This has the potential to get a lot of profile visits. So the possibility of adding followers will be fast, considering that celebgrams also have a lot of followers.

3. Increase Public Trust

Important Tips Before Endorsing to Celebrities

Increase Public Trust

The advantage of the next celebrity endorsement is to increase public trust. This is because when endorsed, the celebrity will do a direct review, so the trust of your product will increase.

4. Increase Sales

Important Tips Before Endorsing to Celebrities

Increase Sales

The advantage when the next celebrity endorsement is that it can increase sales. As we know, tips for selling online on social media so that turnover increases, not just doing promotions such as discounts.

But you also have to do promotions with figures that are recognized by the public. By getting your product known to the public, your product will be quickly recognized and selling well in an instant.

5. Save Promotion Cost

Important Tips Before Endorsing to Celebrities

Save Promotion Cost

The last advantage is that you save more on promotional costs. If you’re compared to promoting on TV ads or Google ads whose prices can increase, it’s better to go through a program review that can directly hit the target audience.

Weaknesses of Endorsement on Selebgram for Business

Every time there is an advantage, there must be a weakness. Well, here are the weaknesses of celebrity endorsements.

1. Different Celebgram Rates

Important Tips Before Endorsing to Celebrities

Different Celebgram Rates

The first weakness is that the celebgram rate or price is different. Yup, every celebgram usually has its own package, moreover, every celebgram has different content and target audience too.

This will certainly make you dizzy to determine the program by adjusting to the existing budget. Not to mention that every month there will be price changes, considering the growth of Instagram social media continues to increase.

2. Ads Only for Short Term

Important Tips Before Endorsing to Celebrities

Ads Only for Short Term

The weakness of the next celebrity endorsement is that the advertisement or promotion is only for the short term. Yups, because of the large number of endorsement requests, usually the celebgrams will limit the duration of the show.

It depends on the package you are using. That way, advertisements and promotions through Selebgram are only for the short term because if the duration has expired, the promotion will be deleted by Selebgram.

3. Celebrity Image Affects Product Image

Important Tips Before Endorsing to Celebrities

Celebrity Image Affects Product Image

The weakness of the next celebrity endorsement is that the image of the celebrity can affect the image of the product. For example, if you endorse on a celebgram that has previously been exposed to cases of drug use or criminal crimes, your product image will also be bad in the eyes of the audience.

4. Results are not instant

Important Tips Before Endorsing to Celebrities

Results Not Instant

The weakness of endorsements on celebgram, the last one is that the results are not instant. Why is that? Because, when there is a potential buyer who is interested in your product, he will follow it first.

This prospective buyer will certainly consider whether your product is of good quality or not. If so, then they will order your product.

So don’t be surprised when you endorse a celebrity, the order at the beginning is still quiet. Instead, you have to be able to convince him by uploading quality content.

In order to be more in demand, these are tips before endorsing to celebrities

Well, this time we will review the terms of endorsement and how to choose a celebrity to endorse. So, watch carefully, guys..

1. Check Selebgram’s Instagram Profile

Check Selebgram’s Instagram Profile – @awkarin

The first tip for choosing a celebrity to endorse is that you have to check the Selebgram’s Instagram profile first.

Yes, it’s clear when you want to endorse but you don’t know the profile of the celebrity. It’s not funny, guys, hehe..

Well, you can first list the names of celebrities that you want to endorse or match with the target audience to promote your products on Instagram.

2. Check the number of followers

Check the number of followers – @riaricis

The second tip before endorsing Selebgram is that you have to check the number of followers. This is the most important thing, guys! Why? Because, if you choose Selebgram with few followers, it’s just a waste, guys.

Your main goal is to endorse a celebrity, right, to increase Instagram followers. So, if you choose Selebgram with a lot of followers, it is very likely that the followers will stop by on your Instagram profile and follow it!

3. Pay Attention to Celebrity Post Feeds

Pay attention to the Instagram post feeds

The third tip is to pay attention to the feeds of the celebrity posts that you want to endorse. This is also very important. Because, interesting feeds will make followers also interested in the products you sell.

So, pay close attention to the feeds of the Celebgram. Do not let you choose Celebgram whose feeds are very messy or less attractive.

4. Pay attention to the number of likes and comments

Pay attention to the number of likes and comments – @joviadhiguna

Tips before endorsement to the fourth Celebgram is to pay attention to the number of likes and comments on each post.

Although the number of followers is really important, but if there are few likes or comments on the post, this should also be your consideration to endorse the celebrity.

How many celebgrams have few followers but a lot of likes and comments. This indicates that the Celebgram has its own charm for users who are not followers.

5. Choose a Celebgram with Appropriate Content

Choose Celebgram with Appropriate Content – ​​@joyagh

Tips for choosing the fifth Celebgram is to choose a program whose content is in accordance with what you want to promote or which has the same audience as the product you are selling.

If you are targeting users who like women’s clothes, don’t let you choose a male celebrity, guys! It’s not funny when male celebgrams promote or use women’s clothes.

6. Pay Attention to Celebrity Reputation

Pay attention to celebrity reputation – @young_lex18

Tips before endorsement to the sixth Celebgram is to pay attention to the celebrity’s reputation. As previously explained, the celebrity’s reputation will certainly affect endorsements as well.

Therefore, you must first find out information about the celebrity you want to endorse. If the celebrity has a bad reputation on social media, it’s better for you to choose another celebrity, guys!

Because, there is a possibility that the product that you endorse to the celebrity will even be blasphemed by netizens. So, be careful and be more selective before choosing a celebrity to endorse.

7. Choose an Active Celebrity

Choose an Active Celebrity in the Comments

Tips before endorse the seventh Selebgram is to choose an active Selebgram. Just like point 4, the large number of likes and comments in the post could be because the Selebgram is active in the comments.

In addition, Selebgram can also endorse your product with enthusiasm and not like being lazy when promoting your product. This can be an attraction in itself for followers too, guys!

9. Pay attention to the Celebrity Endorse Testimonials

Pay attention to the celebrity endorsement testimonials

Tips before endorsement on the eighth Selebgram is to pay attention to testimonials from other online shops to the Selebgram. Well, you can also ask for this or see it directly from Selebgram’s official admin account.

Whether the results from the Selebgram endorsements are good or not, also see if the followers increase and the sales products also increase or not.

If so, then you can endorse on the celebgram. But still, guys, you have to consider other things too. Don’t be fooled by testimonials, because they can be created or edited yourself using a photo editing application.

9. Compare with Other Celebs

Compare with Other Celebrities – @anyageraldine and @rachelvennya

The ninth tip is to compare with other celebgrams before endorsement. Well, this is also an important point because, if you’ve searched for all Celebgrams, try to compare one celebgram with another.

You do this by comparing the number of followers, likes, comments, content created, the reputation of the celebrity, the activity of the celebrity and also the testimonials.

Is your Celebgram choice appropriate and also right or not. If you haven’t, try to find out information about other celebgrams, until you find the right one.

10. Adjust to Budget

Offered Price

Adjust Budget

The last tip before endorsing Selebgram is to consider the budget. Well, this is the most important thing before endorsing anyone’s celebgram.

Because, it’s impossible for your budget to only be 2 million but you really want to endorse a celebrity that has a rate of 5 million for a single endorsement.

So, consider and adjust the budget you have first. If your budget is small, you can try to endorse with the paid promote type, which is cheaper than endorse for Instagram feeds.

In addition, if you want to continue to endorse with a celebrity at a rate that is far above your budget, you better negotiate first. If you can’t then like it or not, you have to save first.

So, how are you smart? You already know tips on product endorsements to Selebgram. Well, if you have criticism and suggestions, write them in the comments column below here, guys

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