10 Important Tips Before Buying a Second iPhone

iPhone is one of the smartphone the most popular. iPhone is also one smartphone which is sold at a very high price.

For some people to save money, they will buy iPhone used. Because the used iPhone has a fairly affordable price.

However, keep in mind you also have to be careful before buying iPhone used. Especially you also have to know the tips before buying a quality used iPhone.

Here are 10 Important Tips Before Buying a Second iPhone

Now! This time SmartTips.com will review accurate tips before buying iPhone used to avoid fraud. So, watch carefully, guys.

1. Not a Fake iPhone

Original iPhone and Fake iPhone

The first tip is to make sure you don’t buy iPhone fake former. You can check whether the iPhone is genuine or fake.

Because now there are many iPhone fakes on the market. Don’t let you become one of the victims of fake iPhone scams. You should continue to be careful when buying an iPhone.

Especially if you want to buy iPhone used. Already the iPhone is used, you are also deceived if the iPhone is fake. So you have to stay alert.

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2. Make sure it’s not a stolen iPhone

Stolen iPhone

The second tip is don’t buy iPhone loot. Stolen iPhones are usually accounts iCloudit has not beenlogout. This will prevent you from using the used iPhone. Because you have to find a way tologout previous account.

In addition, buying iPhone second loot also makes it difficult for you. Because there are many ways to find a lost iPhone. You may be accused of being a thief. So, you have to stay alert before buying an iPhone second.

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3. Verify the ESN, IMEI or MEID number

IMEI Number On iPhone

The third tip is to verify the number IMEI or MEID. This is done to identify iPhone the former. Now! For iPhone GSM using IMEI number and CDMA using the MEID number.

How to find out the number IMEI and MEID on iPhone are as follows:

  • Settings > General > About
  • Dial *#06# and dial
  • Look behind the case or box on the iPhone
  • Where to put the SIM card

And to verify the number visit the site imei.info, then enter the number IMEI or MEID > clickCheck“.

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4. Make sure the iPhone is not damaged

Broken iPhone

The fourth tip is to make sure that iPhone the former is not damaged. If you’re going to buy a used iPhone with an expired warranty, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Now! If iPhone was damaged by being submerged in water. You better look for iPhone second another. Because to repair an iPhone that is damaged by being submerged in water, you will incur additional costs.

In addition, also make sure that the screen and touch screen on iPhone second it’s still good. As with being submerged in water, you will also incur additional costs to repair or repairservice the iPhone.

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5. Check Camera Section

Taking Photos Using iPhone Camera

The fifth tip is to check the camera by taking a photo or making a videos. photo and videos is one of the most important features of any smartphone.

iPhone designed with a very good camera and provide interesting image results. You should try taking pictures and compare them to other used iPhones.

If the image still looks good, it is confirmed that the camera iPhone the former is still working fine.

Besides that, you should also try recording videos. Try it by recording videos 30 seconds in a span of 5 minutes to ensure the camera device works perfectly.

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6. Check Battery Usage

Battery On iPhone

The sixth tip is that you have to test the battery life first iPhone used, before deciding to buy it.

To check if the battery is in good condition is to use all features iPhone simultaneously. Such as setting the maximum screen brightness, turning on WiFi and GPS or by making calls for more than 3 minutes.

If the device battery drops drastically and iPhone hot start or overheating, this is most likely the battery on the iPhone is damaged. So, be picky again before buying a used iPhone.

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7. Check USB Port, Headphone and Speaker

USB Ports, Headphones and Speakers On iPhone

The seventh tip is to check the section port USB, headphones jack and speaker. This checkup is another important tip that you shouldn’t forget.

How to check port USB is to charge orcharger, if the charging can be filled normally means iPhone the former is still good. However, if the charging doesn’t increase, it’s confirmed port USB it is broken.

Next check the section headphones jack. Now! You can use headset to hear the music and make sure headphones jack works fine.

Besides trying to listen to music with headset, you should also try listening to music through speaker. If, the sound produced is broken or does not produce sound, it is certain that the speaker is damaged.

So, don’t forget to check out these 3 sections too.

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8. Check All Buttons

Power and Volume buttons on iPhone

The eighth tip is to check the button power and volume on iPhone second the. This section is also important because if the button power does not work, you will find it difficult to turn on the iPhone.

Also check the button volume contained in iPhone the. Is the button volumeit still works fine or not.

If it’s not working properly, you can search iPhone second another. But if you don’t mind, you can use the button help app volume in Apps Store and you can also bid again the price that the seller set.

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9. WiFi and GPS Trial

WiFi Features On iPhone

The ninth tip is to check the features WiFi and GPS on iPhone second the. This is one of the important tests you should do before buying an iPhone second.

You have to check whether the feature is working properly or not WiFi-his. Connectivity test on WiFi by connecting to existing WiFi. If it is not connected, it is confirmed that the WiFi feature on the iPhone is no longer working.

Apart from that, you should also check the features GPS on iPhone second the. Is the GPS feature working properly or not. If not, you can buy an iPhone second the others yes. Because the WiFi and GPS features are one of the most important features in smartphone iPhone.

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10. Price

Rupiah currency

The tenth tip is toreview price first iPhone second circulating in the market. This is done to avoid fraud mode when buying an iPhone second.

So, you have to be careful in choosing iPhone second. Don’t let you buy an iPhone second at a price much higher than the actual price.

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