10 Failed Plastic Surgery Makes Your Face More Scary!

Currently, plastic surgery is a booming thing, guys. But, are you curious what will happen if the plastic surgery fails?

Feeling dissatisfied with his face, many people end up doing plastic surgery to get a more perfect face. Starting from ordinary people to celebrities.

Well, today we are going to talk about weird and scary faces due to failed plastic surgery. Come on, let’s look at the article!

Scary Face Due to Failed Plastic Surgery

Heum.. Who do you guys think has failed plastic surgery? and what do you think about the results of the operation?

1. Fulvia Pellegrino

plastic surgery-failed


Fulvia comes from Italy, he is actually a man named Fulvio. However, she chose to be transgender and her name was changed to Fulvia.

Intending to turn herself into a beautiful woman with plastic surgery, Fulvia actually got the opposite result. The plastic surgery he did failed and his face looked weird.

In fact, his real face is very handsome, guys. Fulvia is very lucky, because she has a wife who loves her very much and always faithfully accompanies and accepts Fulvia in all conditions.

2. Michaela Romanini

plastic surgery-failed

Michaela Romanini

In the past, Michaela was known as the most beautiful woman in Italy. Apparently, she still felt less beautiful and finally decided to do plastic surgery.

However, it’s a shame guys. The plastic surgery failed, she was addicted to collagen lip injections and did it many times.

Until finally, his face turned into a very scary. Now, she is no longer the most beautiful woman. In fact, his face was almost unrecognizable.

3. Donatella Versace

plastic surgery-failed

Donatella Versace

Since the 1990s, Donatella has been known as a very well-known designer. In fact, Donatella once led a well-known fashion company and managed to create a global brand.

Not only famous designers, it turns out that Donatella has a hobby of plastic surgery, guys. However, the results of the plastic surgery he did last failed and his face looked very scary.

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4. Jocelyn Wildenstein

plastic surgery-failed

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn is a rich woman who comes from Switzerland, she is very happy to do plastic surgery. He did this in order to get the perfect beautiful face.

However, everything did not go smoothly, guys. The results of the plastic surgery carried out actually made her face look very strange, instead of giving up, Jocelyn was even more addicted to plastic surgery.

It is estimated that Jocelyn spent as much as US $ 4 million on each plastic surgery she did. Heum.. it’s a shame, guys, for the money.

5. Amanda Lepore

plastic surgery-failed

Amanda Lepore

Amanda is actually a guy, but she decided to become transgender by having sex surgery. Not only that, he also did plastic surgery on his face.

In fact, in the transgender operation, her breastbones were cut. This he did so that he got the perfect face and physique as a woman.

But apparently, everything didn’t go smoothly, guys. The operation he did failed and the results made him even more strange and very scary.

6. Ellowe Alviso

plastic surgery-failed

Model Ellowe Alviso

Ellowe used to be a very handsome model, he is from Manila, Philippines. Because Ellowe was not satisfied with his good looks, he decided to do plastic surgery.

By doing the plastic surgery, initially managed to make his nose and chin become sharp. However, after 2 years he underwent the operation, his nose and chin were badly injured.

Because it turns out, the liquid that enters his nose is a liquid wax, petroleum jelly and sealants. Finally, he had to lose his good looks and his job as a model.

7. Hang Mioku

plastic surgery-failed

Hang Mioku

This woman is a model from Korea, she started getting addicted to plastic surgery since she was 28 years old.

The plastic surgery went very smoothly and she also got the facial results she wanted. However, Hang Mioku was not satisfied until she finally went to the clinic to get even more results.

His arrival was always refused, because according to the doctors, the injections he received were sufficient. Hang Mioku was so angry that she ended up injecting cooking oil into her face.

He did this in the hope of getting the same effect as botox. However, the results were completely unexpected. His face was swollen and badly damaged.

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8. Pete Burns

plastic surgery-failed

Pete Burns

Pete is a vocalist for a very well known old British band, Dead or Alive. Aware of his profession as a band vocalist, he also wanted to have a very perfect appearance.

At that time, Pete Burns decided to do plastic surgery. However, the plastic surgery failed and almost took his life.

This did not make him give up at all, Pete Burns actually did plastic surgery many times. So far, he has had about 200 plastic surgeries.

9. Sahar Tabar

plastic surgery-failed

Sahar Tabar

Sahar Tabar is a girl who comes from Iran, she is very obsessed with Angelina Jolie. Until finally, he decided to do plastic surgery to be similar to Angelina Jolie.

However, everything was not as he imagined. The plastic surgery he did was a total failure, the result made Sahar Tabar’s face very strange and scary.

But the great thing is, he doesn’t feel embarrassed at all. In fact, he really exists on social media, especially Instagram.

10. Orit Fux

plastic surgery-failed

Orit Fux

Orit Fux is a famous celebrity from the state of Israel, he really likes barbie dolls. Finally, Orit Fux decided to do plastic surgery to get a face like a barbie.

However, the plastic surgery failed. Instead of getting a face like a cute barbie doll, Orit Fux actually got a very scary face. Because of that, many haters bullied him.

So, how are you guys? Which one do you think is the scariest? If there are criticisms and suggestions, please write in the comments column, guys.

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