10 Cool Video Editing Applications, Make Vlogs More Cool!

One of the conditions for being a YouTuber from zero to success is to create quality video content, guys.

Whether it’s just recording, making cinematography, or even vlogs.

Of course, because you play with videos and make them better, then you need a cool video editing app, right?

Well, if you want to know what cool video editing apps are for editing videos, just take a look at this article!

Recommended Cool Video Editing Applications

Oh yes, this time I will divide the cool video editing application into two types, one for Smartphones and another one for PC.

Cool Video Editing Application on Smartphone

1. Quik



Well, the first recommendation for a cool video editing application is Quik. You can rely on this video editing application to edit video recordings such as vlogs and others.

Because this application is targeted at users who use action cameras while recording videos. So for those of you who like traveling with an action camera, it is suitable to use this application to edit the recordings.

Eits, but for those of you who use a DSLR camera, you can also use this application. Moreover, the application is also a video editing application without a watermark.

This video editing application functions to combine several videos by adding effects, then adding transitions between videos and can also add music to make the video more interesting.

This video editing application also provides various themes so that the videos you edit look cooler. Apart from that, you also add text to add a caption to the edited video.

You can also add photos to videos using this Quik application, guys. How? Interested in trying this cool video editing app?

Name Quik
Download Size 95MB
Download Link

2. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip

Furthermore, there are applications developed by Adobe, guys, especially if it’s not Adobe Premiere Clip.

As we know, video editing applications on PCs such as Adobe Premiere are very hard to use on laptops.

Eits, but for the Adobe Premiere Clip application on Android, it turns out to be quite light, without watermarks and easy to use, guys!

This video editing application has a myriad of features to edit videos to make them look attractive. Well, by using this Adobe Premiere Clip application you can combine videos and add music.

In addition, you can add effects in the form of filters and text to add captions to the video that is being edited.

In addition, you can also trim unwanted parts of the video. You can also edit videos with zoom effects with super smooth results. How about you guys, interested in using this cool video editing application?

Name Adobe Premiere Clip
Download Size 54MB
Download Link

3. KineMaster – Pro Video Editor



For you amateur editors, you can immediately try this KineMaster application to edit your recordings. Guaranteed, you will find it very easy to use this cool video editing application.

Oh yes, this application has a feature to combine videos, images, text and other audio. In addition, you can also add color filters, to transitions between videos.

There is also a feature to trim the frames from the video and give the video a blur effect. You also need to know, if the audio provided by this application is also no copyright.

So, it’s really safe for those of you who want to create video content for YouTube. You can get this application for free guys.

But for those of you who don’t like watermarks and want more features, you can upgrade this application to the Premium version.

Name KineMaster – Pro Video Editor
Download Size 41MB
Download Link

4. VivaVideo – Video Editor & Photo Movie

Best Video Editing Apps on Android

‘VivaVideo – Video Editor & Photo Movie’ app

The next cool video editing application is VivaVideo – Video Editor & Photo Movie. Yep, this application is very popular on Instagram social media.

You see, you can make Instagram videos so they don’t get cut framesonly by using this VivaVideo application.

The features available in this application include adding filters, merging videos, lengthening videos, and cutting videos, guys.

In addition, you can also add music, stickers, text, and themes to videos. So the videos you make will be cool if you use this video editing application.

Name VivaVideo – Video Editor & Photo Movie
Download Size 39MB
Download Link

5. InShot



Next there is a cool video editing application called InShot. This application has capabilities that are good enough to be used in terms of video editing, even Vlog videos.

Not only as the best video editing application, it turns out that InShot can also be used as a photo editing application that is no less amazing than the VSCO application.

With InShot, you can cut video clips, speed up or give slow motion effects in videos, add music, to give effects guys.

You can express your creations through this cool application. There are also many stickers that can be included in your vlog videos, guys.

How? Interested in trying this cool video editing application?

Name InShot
Download Size 26MB
Download Link

6. FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor

Best Video Editing Apps on Android

‘FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor’ app

Surely you are already familiar with this cool video editing application? yep, FilmoraGo be the next application recommended for you.

You can use the FilmoraGo application to edit various videos, whether it’s gameplay of a game to vlogs.

Because this application provides various features such as cutting videos, adding music, video transitions, adding videos, adjusting the light on the video.

In addition, you can also play videos and trim videos using this application. Well, if you want to cut videos, you can use this application, because FilmoraGo includes a video cutter application as well.

Name FilmoraGo-Free Video Editor – Free Video Editor
Download Size 34MB
Download Link

Cool Video Editing App on PC

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Who doesn’t know this video editing software? Yep, this video software is often used by professional editors to edit their video recordings.

In addition, Indonesian YouTubers also use this software to edit various kinds of their content.

Eits, not only professionals, for those of you who are still beginners can really use this video editing software.

There are many tutorials on the Internet about using Adobe Premiere Pro. So you can easily learn this video editing software.

Name Adobe Premiere Pro
Download Size 1.3GB
Download Link

2. Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro

Furthermore, there is a cool video editing application developed by Sony, namely Sony Vegas Pro. Sony Vegas Pro has cool features like a professional video editing application.

Even so, this application is the same as Adobe Premiere Pro guys, which can still be used easily even an amateur though.

No wonder that this application can still be coupled with other professional video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X.

You can enter your own soundtrack and create your vlog videos with this application, guys. Don’t worry, if you are confused, you can directly see tutorials from Google or YouTube guys.

Oh yes, to enjoy all the more professional features of Sony Vegas Pro, then you can upgrade the application, guys.

Name Sony Vegas Pro
Download Size 4.48MB
Download Link

3. Filmora



Filmora is the next cool video editing application that you can use to edit your vlog videos using a PC device.

This application is a development of Wondershare, the developer of the Wondershare Free Video Converter application too.

Well, for the appearance of the Filmora application, it is easy to understand even for those of you who just want to learn to edit videos, using this application can be your alternative choice.

In Filmora, there are also various kinds of effects that you can add to your video edits, guys. So that the final result of your vlog is more interesting.

Oh yes, Filmora also has various products such as Filmora9 for lay video editors, FilmoraPro for professional video editors, and the last one is FilmoraScrn to record the PC screen.

You can find all Filmora products and download directly through the official Filmora website. How? Want to try this cool video editing app?

Name Filmora
Download Size 246.19MB
Download Link

4. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker

Well, the next cool video editing application is Windows Movie Maker guys. This video editing application developed by Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to lose in video editing, right.

Unfortunately, Windows Movie Maker has fairly basic and very limited features. Maybe it will be very suitable for beginners who want to learn editing.

Even so, Windows Movie Maker is still highly recommended for you to learn to edit Vlogs guys. Because the features in it are also easy to understand.

So for those of you who just want to learn to edit your own videos, you can try Windows Movie Maker first!

Name Windows Movie Maker
Download Size 211MB
Download Link

The final word

Those are the recommendations for cool video editing applications on smartphones and PCs that you can use to edit various kinds of videos.

In your opinion, which video editing application is the easiest to use? Don’t forget to share with your friends who want to be YouTubers.

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