10 Best Security Apps for iPhone/iPad 2022

It is no secret that Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod are ruling the world. This year Apple has an undoubted growth, they are doing very well with their new and unique innovative ideas.

The latest work from Apple is the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s plus. As more and more people buy the work, security and privacy issues become a matter of great concern. Therefore hundreds of antivirus applications for iPhone and iPad are available in the App Store for you to download.

Well, on this occasion Tipspintar.com will review the 10 Best Security Applications for iPhone/iPad 2022. Let’s see the review below.

Here are the 10 Best Security Apps for iPhone/iPad in 2022

1. Betternet VPN

Betternet VPN

Betternet gives you access to browse websites that are restricted to certain networks or hotspots. When activating, immediately change your IP address, so that your IP is not easily tracked. Betternet works like a free proxy but keeps your passwords and personal data safe and secure.

Betternet connects you to the nearest server automatically, and detects your location thus providing a faster connection speed. This application has a very easy to use interface.

2. Secret Calculator Icon

Secret Calculator Icon

By using this application you can easily manage, hide and save your private videos, pictures, contacts, audios and private documents. Because this app has a home screen icon Calculator, which no one could guess what it actually contained.

You can also set a password so that no one carelessly opens your document. Apart from that, you can also import multiple images, videos at once. The special feature of this app is that you can capture images of intruders trying to get into your private files using the front camera.


3. Hexatech VPN

Hexatech VPN

VPN Hexatech is a free VPN service app that helps you to browse all websites like Facebook, YouTube and others. This application will secure your connection when connected to a public hotspot. Hexatech VPN also provides a fast connection by automatically detecting your location and connecting to the nearest server.

Hexatech VPN is a recommended app in all security apps for iPhone. This app has a very simple and easy interface with just the power button to turn on and off the app. This app is available for iPhone and iPad at no charge.

4. Find my iPhone

Find my iPhone

This application is most recommended for iPhone security. This is by far the best app for locating and controlling iPhone remotely. You can see the location of your idevice on the map and put a ring on it when you search for it.

5. Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security

This free app helps you to find up to 5 devices. This application can also check whether your email is safe from any spammer attacks or not. This app has an OS checker to check if your iOS is up to date or not.

Sophisticated again, Avira Mobile Security can show the location of your lost iPhone on a map.

6. Keepers


For those of you who want everything only in one application? The solution is Keeper. This app has a password manager and also a file hider. The file can be an image, video, document, or audio. You can log in to this application using Touch ID.

7. mSecure


Take care of your important data with this application. This app automatically syncs your data. In addition, this application also has a very simple and easy interface. This application is able to help you create keywords that are not easy to guess. mSecure has been rated very highly on the App Store.

8. Best Phone Security Pro

Best Phone Security Pro

Once this app is installed on your iPhone, you just need to activate it. Whenever someone tries to unlock your device, you will be notified by an alarm. What’s interesting about this app is that you can record your own alarm sound and set it as the default alarm sound.

By using the front camera of your smartphone, this camera also functions to capture images of intruders.

9. 1Password


After this application is installed on your iPhone, you do not need to remember your username and password to open this application again. This app helps you generate strong passwords and save all the usernames and passwords of all your accounts.

This application uses military-grade data encryption methods to keep your data safe. Apart from that, you can also save the details in different sections in different categories.

10. Norton Identity Safe

Norton Identity Safe

Developed by well-known companies like Norton, this App can be locked using a PIN lock. This app can save all password and account details from various websites. Credit card details and addresses can also be saved in this app. This app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod and is available free of charge here.

Well, that’s a review of the 10 Best Security Applications for iPhone/iPad 2022. If the explanation above is unclear, or you want to give us a recommendation, what article should we make next, let’s comment below, smart friend…

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