10 Best Offline War Strategy Games 2022

Playing games is really good to fill your spare time, guys. Besides MOBA games, one of the most sought after genres is war games.

There are various types of war games, one of which is a war game against zombies. Well, this time we don’t want to discuss war games against zombies, but we want to discuss the best offline war strategy games that you can play in your spare time.

Very Fun! This Offline War Strategy Game is Most Wanted

For those of you who are curious about what offline war strategy games we will give you. Come on! Just scroll right away, guys…

1. Brothers in Arms 3

war strategy game offline

Brothers in Arms 3

The first offline war strategy game is Brothers in Arms 3, this game is one of the most sought after games that you should try, guys.

In this Android game with a size of under 500MB you will be a soldier who will fight all the enemies on the mission in this game. In this game you also use a lot of weapons during World War I and II, you know guys.

Game Name Brothers in Arms 3
Download Size 50MB
Download Link

2. Zenonia 5

Zenonia 5

Zenonia 5

The next offline war strategy game is Zenonia 5, in this Android game you will be offered a lot of characters. This game has a mission to save the magical world Zenonia.

You will meet a lot of enemies who will attack you. Zenonia 5 also has graphics that are quite pleasing to the eyes of the players.

Game Name Zenonia 5
Download Size 48MB
Download Link

3. Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

Six-Guns Gang Showdown

Six-Guns Gang Showdown

The third offline strategy game is Six-Guns: Gang Showdown, this game is one of the war games that you have to play, guys.

In this game you will become a Cowboy who has to kill your enemies, guys. Surely you will be more excited, because the setting in this game is a very classic ancient building.

Game Name Six-Guns Gang Showdown
Download Size 19MB
Download Link

4. Destroy Gunner SP

Destroy Gunner SP

Destroy Gunner SP

Destroy Gunner SP is in the fourth position, this game is the most sought-after offline war strategy game by lovers Gundam. Don’t doubt the graphics in this game, guys, because the graphics in this game are quite charming to play.

In this game you will fight against enemy robots who will try to attack you in every mission you take. Not only that, you will also be greatly facilitated by control on this robot war game, because laying controllerits very friendly.

Game Name Destroy Gunner SP
Download Size 18MB
Download Link

5. Elite Killer: SWAT

Elite Killer SWAT

Elite Killer SWAT

The next offline strategy game is Elite Killer: SWAT, if you like watching movies, of course you know with this Android online game, guys.

In this game you will be an elite squad that will fight and complete missions. You will also be equipped with weapons, grenades, and other combat equipment.

Game Name Elite Killer SWAT
Download Size 20MB
Download Link

6. NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy

The sixth position in offline war strategy games is NOVA Legacy. In this game you will be spoiled by comfortable graphics for an Android FPS game.

In this game you become a robot who must complete the missions that have been given. Of course, the war equipment you have is a very sophisticated technology, guys.

Game Name NOVA Legacy
Download Size 30MB
Download Link

7. Respawnables – FPS Special Forces

Respawnables - FPS Special Forces

Respawnables – FPS Special Forces

The ultimate offline war strategy game is Respawnables – FPS Special ForcesThis game is indeed one of the most sought after games by gamers.

War game with 3D animation which is very light and has attractive graphics to play. Not only that, guys, this game is an Android offline game where you can play it offline and it won’t make your quota run out.

Game Name Respawnables – FPS Special Forces
Download Size 500MB
Download Link

8. Cover Fire: Free Shooting Game

Cover Fire

Cover Fire

Even though offline, game Cover Fire it has a design with HD quality although it is not as cool as 3D war games, but the gameplay feels very real. Oh yes, you can choose a character when you first start this game.

You have to complete every mission given in this game. With quality and pretty cool gameplay, there’s nothing wrong with this game being the best.

Game Name Cover Fire
Download Size 411MB
Download Link

9. Drone Shadow Strike

Drone Shadow Strike

Drone Shadow Strike

This game that has advanced graphics can be the next choice for you to play. Set up fighter planes and attack opponents coming from all directions.

You can play this plane war game online and offline, so it’s really interesting for you to download and play it.

Game Name Drone Shadow Strike
Download Size 96MB
Download Link

10. Plants Vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2

Yep, surely you’ve heard of this one game. Unlike other war games that involve humans, Plant Vs Zombies provides a battle between plants and zombies.

Arrange the best possible defense so that Zombies cannot break into the employer’s house. Anyway, playing this game will feel tense like in a zombie movie!

Game Name Plants vs Zombies 2
Download Size 539MB
Download Link

That’s the most wanted war strategy game guys. If you have criticism or suggestions, you can do this in the comments column below.

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