10 Best Offline Arcade Games on Android

Currently, there are many offline games that you can play. Starting from fighting games, cooking games and other game genres.One of the most widely played game genres is offline arcade games, guys.

What are Arcade Games?

Arcade is a type of game that is not too focused on the storyline and usually provides its own fun and enjoyment for players in their spare time.

Arcade genre games also usually have simple gameplay. So, what are the best offline Arcade games? Relax, we will discuss it in the following article!

Android Offline Arcade Game Recommendations

1. Jetpack Joyride

This Offline Arcade Game is really suitable for you to play, guys. You can choose one of the coolest Jetpack collections available in this game.

In this game, you must be able to break into a secret laboratory to get an experimental Jetpack taken by a scientific criminal.

You can easily break through the laboratory if you join Barry. Use Lil’Stomper, Profit and Crazy Freaking so you can power up and race fast.

In addition to offline, you can also play it online to compete with friends. How? Want to try? Hurry download!

Name Jetpack Joyride
Size 89MB

2. Subway Surfers

Who doesn’t know this offline Arcade game? Surely you’ve played this popular game, right? Or even until now still playing it?

In this game, all you have to do is run away from the guards and carefully pick up all the coins. Don’t get hit, guys, because if you get hit, you’ll be caught by the guards.

You can also surf on a skate board and fly using a paint-powered jet engine.

Collect all kinds of cool and interesting characters and skate boards. Get the highest points in this cool game.

Name Subway Surfers
Size 81MB

3. Tap Tap Dash

Although it looks adorable, this offline Arcade game is very challenging for players because it tests the speed and accuracy of players in jumping from one area to another.

Development game Cheetah Games It also has funny characters and has different uniqueness, guys.

In this game, you only need to win up to 400 levels guys. It’s not difficult right? Come on, try playing the game now!

Name Tap Tap Dash
Size 16MB

4. Vector

If you like parkour, then this offline Arcade game is perfect for you guys to play. In this game, you will be required to jump from one building to another.

This game also requires you to escape from a research facility full of deadly traps. Such as lasers, mines, elevators and others.

Games Vector this is a very fun game guys. Because the animation is smooth without any glitch. You have to run, jump, and bend with great movements real.

5. Piano Tiles 2

The second series of games Piano Tiles This is very popular with users. In this game, the available songs are increasing, interface new, and the gameplay is more cool.

This game is very easy to play and has a very simple look, guys. This game will train your speed and accuracy.

If you look at it, this game is like the Guitar Hero game that used to be on the PlayStation 2 console. How about you guys? Want to try playing this game?

Name Piano Tiles 2
Size 50MB

6. Hungry Shark Evolution

Of course you are already familiar, not with publishers Ubisoft ? Yup, the biggest rival of Gameloft This is indeed very creative in releasing the game.

Well, this time Ubisoft issued a very exciting casual game, namely Hungry Shark Evolution.

In this offline Arcade game, you have to survive as long as possible. You can also activate Gold Rush in order to last longer.

If you still remember the legendary Game Feeding Frenzy, then game Hungry Shark Evolution you could say the reincarnation of the game guys. Of course, the more exciting and the more diverse the marine animals.

Name Hungry Shark Evolution
Size 99MB

7. Blown Away: First Try

This offline arcade game is different from other arcade games. If Arcade games usually use analog or right and left, then in this game you need to tap the smartphone screen to move the character.

The main character will continue to walk, so your job as a player is to move the character to a safer area.

Easy? Eits, who said?

To move the main character, you need an energy that has been collected to be able to move to a safe place.

Interested in trying this offline Arcade game? Hurry up, download it guys!

Name Blown Away: First Try
Size 69MB

8. Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever is one of the offline cooking games that has quite interesting gameplay.

Even though you are only required to serve food and you have to race against the set time. So, this game trains your hand speed guys.

In order to be even faster in handling buyers and attracting other enthusiasts, you are required to upgrade the restaurant, guys. So, you will get points and be able to satisfy customers who come to your restaurant.

Upgrade your restaurant to be faster in handling buyers and attracting buyers. Unlock all the modes in this game to enjoy a more exciting cooking sensation.

Name Cooking Fever
Size 87MB

9. Sonic Dash

In this game, you only need to run to the finish line to finish the game. It’s just that, to reach the finish line, you have to go through many obstacles.

Jump, roll and defeat evil bosses to reach the finish line. In this game, there are many interesting characters.

Collect various kinds of characters, and start running. Complete stage by stage to win this game.

Name Sonic Dash
Size 95MB

10. Zombie Tsunami

Wow, you will definitely regret it if you have never tried this offline Arcade game. Yep, who doesn’t know the Zombie Tsunami game?

In this game you need to attack the city with a bunch of zombies. Turn walkers into zombies and create the biggest mob.

Avoid holes, bombs, crashing cars and other obstacles. Don’t let all your zombies die, otherwise you will lose.

There are also various abilities that you can use, ranging from Rugby, Ninja, Dragon, UFO, and other cool abilities.

How? Interested in trying this zombie game? Hurry download now!

Name Zombie Tsunami
Size 65MB

The final word

Those are some recommendations for the best offline Arcade games for Android users. In your opinion, which game is the most exciting and interesting to play?

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends too. And invite them to play Arcade games together!

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