10 Best Muslim Children’s Educational Games on Smartphones

You have to be careful when teaching young children, especially if you teach them using game media. Afraid the game that we give instead gives bad impact on children.

Because, as we know, many different games currently contain violence and pornography.

But, don’t worry, guys! Now there are also many games that contain religious elements. Thus, training children from an early age to know religion through games.

Well, especially for those of you who embrace Islam, here are some of the best Muslim children’s educational games on Android that you must try!

Want Kids to be Smarter? Here are the Best Muslim Children’s Educational Games!

Some of the following games are also one of the Islamic games that are suitable to be played in the month of fasting, guys. Curious what games are there? If so, just take a look!

1. Marbel Learns Quran for Kids

Muslim Kids Educational Games

Marbel Learns Quran for Kids

The first Muslim children’s educational game is Marbel Learns Quran for Kids. This application that is suitable for use for children has a game size of approx 24MB and designed by Education Studio.

This game actually serves to help children to learn hijaiyah letters with harokat and tanwin. This game comes with a useful narration for those who read it.

So do not be surprised if this application is one of the applications to learn the Koran. Now, by using this game, parents can also monitor their children’s understanding of the Quran.

Game Name Marbel Learns Quran for Kids
Download Size 24MB
Download Link

2. Islamic Children’s Song Videos

Islamic Children's Song Videos

Islamic Children’s Song Videos

The second educational game for Muslim children on Android is Islamic Children’s Song Videos. Offline game on Android which has a size of approx. 55MB it was designed by Arvira Dev.

Actually this game contains video clips of Islamic songs that can be used for entertainment as well as learning Islamic songs. This game is very unique because it uses funny and cool animations.

Well, what’s cool is that in this application there is a Lock feature that functions so that when the application is played it doesn’t come out on its own, when accidentally touched by the child.

Game Name Islamic Children’s Song Videos
Download Size 55MB
Download Link

3. Sholeh Children’s Game

Muslim Kids Educational Games

Sholeh Kids Games

The third game for Muslim children’s education is Sholeh Kids Games. This animated concept game was designed by Agate Games and has a game size of approx. 55MB don’t worry guys.

Well in this game contains Islamic fairy tales, daily prayers, learning hijaiyah letters and other minigames. One of the concepts of playing while learning contained in this game includes the procedure for praying, how to perform ablution, learning the hijaiyah letters, the story of the Prophet and daily prayers.

So, the concept of this Sholeh Children’s Game is a Muslim adventure game, guys. This game is expected to grow Islamic characters in children through exciting adventures.

Game Name Sholeh Kids Games
Download Size 55MB
Download Link

4. Brain Teaser for Muslim Children

Muslim Kids Brain Teaser

Muslim Kids Brain Teaser

The fourth educational game for Muslim children is Asah Muslim Child Brain. This simple-looking game has a size of approx. 3.5MB guys and designed by developer FunEduProjects.

This children’s educational game aims to train children’s concentration and memory. The features contained in this game include funny pictures, memory games, remembering and guessing games, picture arranging games, and many others that can improve children’s memory.

Well, this application is really suitable for use by Muslim children, because it uses the concept of Islam, so there is no content that is not suitable for viewing for children, guys.

Game Name Muslim Kids Brain Teaser
Download Size 3.5MB
Download Link

5. Muslim Millionaire – Islamic Quiz

Muslim Kids Educational Games

Muslim Millionaire – Islamic Quiz

The fifth Muslim children’s educational game is Muslim Millionaire – Islamic Quiz. This game whose concept is similar to a quiz show on TV has a size of approx 4.3MB and designed by developer LABKOMIF UIN Bandung.

This quiz guessing game has 5 levels starting from the easiest level to the most difficult level. Although the concept is a quiz, the questions are about the religion of Islam.

This children’s educational game, especially for Muslim children, also has 2 language choices, namely English and Indonesian. Yes, although this game is not one of the best apps for learning English. However, by using this game, you can use it as a medium for your child’s English practice.

Game Name Muslim Millionaire – Islamic Quiz
Download Size 4.3MB
Download Link

6. Muslim Kids Quiz

Muslim Kids Quiz

Muslim Kids Quiz

The sixth game for Muslim children’s education on Android is Muslim Kids Quiz. This game to train brain intelligence has a game size of approx. 2.8MB and designed by Armon Dev.

The quizzes contained in this game contain about Islam such as hadith, fiqh, Islamic history, pillars of faith, pillars of Islam and so on. This guessing game is very good for children to want to learn about Islam.

Moreover, the levels available in this game are from level 1 to level 20. Eits, to finish this game you have to think and move fast. Because, there is time to be able to answer questions correctly.

Game Name Muslim Kids Quiz
Download Size 2.8MB
Download Link

7. Soleh Super Jump

Soleh Super Jump

Soleh Super Jump

The seventh Islamic children’s educational game exists Soleh Super Jump, this game is inspired by classic arcade games combined with Islamic children’s characters. This game itself also has a size of approx 5.89MB dasn designed by developer Zayn Apps.

In this game there is a pious child who is on an adventure to get coins, diamonds and reach the finish line. However, it’s not that easy, guys, in this pious child’s game you have to avoid annoying demons.

Not only demons, there are also obstacles from passing animals and other traps in the game. This adventure game is very suitable for use by children because it does not contain elements of sara or pornography, guys.

Game Name Soleh Super Jump
Download Size 5.89MB
Download Link

8. Learn Hijaiyah Letters

Learn Hijaiyah Letters

Learn Hijaiyah Letters

The eighth game to educate Muslim children is Learn Hijaiyah Letters. This teaching game about hijaiyah letters has a size of approx. 17MB and designed by Indocipta Studio.

The features contained in this game include displaying hijaiyah letters. Well, those who play it must say the hijaiyah letters that appear. So, in the game you have to remember the hijaiyah letters.

Not only that, this game also provides quizzes to find the hijaiyah letters, and color the hijaiyah letters. Yes, it’s similar to a drawing application, guys.

Game Name Learn Hijaiyah Letters
Download Size 17MB
Download Link

9. Islamic Puzzle Game

Muslim Kids Educational Games

Islamic Puzzle Game

The next game that can educate Muslim children is Islamic Puzzle Game. This game specifically for Muslim children was designed by Zayn Apps with size approx 3.5MB lol guys.

This game is more precisely a puzzle game on Android with an Islamic feel, guys. In addition, there are many levels that can be played, ranging from the easiest to the most difficult.

Even though it’s a puzzle game, you have to solve it correctly and quickly. Because, in this game there is a duration of time to complete the game. So, how are you interested or not guys to download this game?

Game Name Islamic Puzzle Game
Download Size 3.5MB
Download Link

10. Learn Arabic + Voice

Arabic + Voice

Arabic + Voice

The last educational game is learning Arabic + Voice. This game for Muslim children has a size of approx 14MB and this game was designed by Solite Kids.

This game aims to make children learn Arabic properly and correctly. The trick is with images and sound media that teach Arabic. The features provided in this game are quite a lot.

One of them you can learn Arabic numbers from 1 to 10, guess Arabic words, guess Arabic numbers, and Arabic card puzzles. This game should also be one of the fun games for kids, guys.

Game Name Arabic + Voice
Download Size 14MB
Download Link

So, how are you smart? Now you know what educational games for Muslim children are on Android. Don’t forget to share this list of Muslim children’s educational games with other smart friends.

So that they are not confused when looking for Muslim children’s educational games on Android. Oh yes, if you have criticisms and suggestions regarding this list of Muslim children’s educational games, you can write them down in the comments column below here

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