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Best Magisk modules – Hello friends, on this occasion Teknolalat will publish a list of the best Magisk modules for Android smartphones. Rooting with Magisk allows you to install different modules with specific features, such as improving performance.

Magisk is a systemless root method for Android devices, which means nothing is changed on the system partition. Devices rooted with Magisk can bypass the Google Safety Net Check.

Safety Net protects against malware for use in multiple apps like Netflix, Pokemon Go, banking apps, and more. This is for security on rooted devices. Magisk has another big advantage over SuperSU, namely the support for Magisk modules.

Although modules for Magisk are not as many as Xposed, but there are many of the best Magisk modules out there, many of the developer modules are not even in the official repository so you have to download them from the internet.

Best Magisk modules

Here is a list of some of the best 2022 Magisk modules to use on your Android smartphone, from audio modules to performance gaming optimization modules.

1. Viper4Android FX

Viper4Android Best Magisk modules

The first best Magisk module is Viper4Android FX, this Magisk module can be run on Android devices from version 4.2. After activation, you can activate the eXtra Loud switch to increase the maximum volume of your loudspeaker. Viper4Android has a speaker optimization option to ensure that increasing the volume doesn’t damage your speakers.

Viper4Android has tons of tweaks, sliders and dials that you can use to refine your audio to an extent that no other mod allows. More importantly, the changes feel much clearer than other apps. These changes are global too, so you don’t have to worry about apps stopping in the background.

XDA link: forum.xda-developer.com/…

2. Camera2API enabler

Best Magisk module Camera2 API

One feature that the Pixel Experience Magisk module enables on your device, whenever possible, is camera2API. Some Android OEMs or vendors do not have the Camera2 API enabled by default, even if the hardware supports it.

Camera2API is required to install the Google Camera port. So with this Magisk module you can activate it. You can do this manually by editing the build.prop file, but installing this module is certainly easier.

XDA link: forum.xda-developer.com/…

3. YouTube Vanced

Best Magisk Modules Youtube Vance

The next best Magisk module is YouTube Vanced, this Magisk module is a mod version of the YouTube app packaged in a Magisk module that can be installed as a system app. This modified version of YouTube offers features that Google only offers YouTube Red subscribers.

Hence, Google requires users to have a Red subscription in order to use basic features like picture-in-picture. YouTube Red is why you can’t even enjoy background playback on YouTube app.

YouTube Vanced can solve all of these problems. You can ignore video resolution limits, use pinch-to-zoom gestures, use dark mode, and play videos repeatedly. We’ve already covered YouTube Vanced in more detail.

XDA link: forum.xda-developer.com/…

4. Universal GSM doze

If you’ve ever used a device without any Google apps, including Google Play Services, Play Store, etc. then your device will generally have much better battery life than using Google apps.

This is because Google Play services and other applications that are part of GMS (Google Mobile Suite) are exempt from Android’s battery saving features. This module takes care of that and ensures that the sleep freeze settings also apply to GMS applications.

XDA link: forum.xda-developer.com/…


Best Magisk module NFS INJECTOR

NFS INJECTOR is a Magisk module that aims to improve kernel / RAM management between efficiency and battery life. This module improves the overall performance of your device and specifically the performance for PUBG and other games.

There are a few tweaks you can do to improve the performance or battery life of your device. NFS has several profile options, namely low power, balance, gaming, and ultra mode. By default, the profile is set to balance. You can change it to Gaming or Ultra for better performance.

XDA link: forum.xda-developer.com/…

6. Disable screenshots and camera sounds

Noise from screenshots and camera can be distracting under certain conditions. Some smartphone vendors allow this sound to be muted, as do some custom ROMs, but not all.

As the name suggests, this Magisk module replaces individual sound files in the system / media folder with empty files. So that your smartphone doesn’t make any sound when you take screenshots and use the camera.

XDA link: forum.xda-developer.com/…

7. L-speed

The best Magisk modules from L Speed

The next best Magisk module is L Speed. If your Android smartphone has unstable performance, this module can handle it. With the L-Speed ​​module, you can control your performance and make custom tweaks.

L Speed ​​is a modification that contains optimizations in an intuitive module. This module is designed to improve smartphone performance, reduce lag, improve battery life and play games on Android.

There are many profile options and custom tweaks provided by L Speed ​​so that you can adjust settings according to your Android smartphone usage. This module is also compatible with various Android devices.

XDA link: forum.xda-developer.com/…

8. Dolby Atmos

This module will help you to activate the Dolby Atmos sound mod on your Android. When you install this mod, the necessary changes will be made to the system files and the Dolby Atmos app will also be installed on your device automatically.

The Dolby Atmos module is a mod recommended for those of you who love to listen to music on Android devices. The Dolby Atmos app has many controls for changing various settings to help you get the best sound from your device.

XDA link: forum.xda-developer.com/…

9. Greenify4Magisk

The best Magisk modules from Greenify

Greenify is an app that extends the battery life of your Android device by putting apps running in the background to sleep.

This Magisk module is a simple module that makes Greenify work as a systemless ROM integrated application, so you get the best hibernation performance it can give, and much faster than the root option alone.

XDA link: forum.xda-developer.com/…

10. FDE.AI

The best Magisk modules from FDE.AI

FeraDroid Engine The ultimate all-in-one optimizer for all devices with the Android operating system. There are no settings / adjustments on this module. All parameters are individual for each device, depending on the properties of the hardware and software that are owned.

All parameters are perfectly balanced, you can get performance without increasing power consumption, and reduce power consumption without losing power. FDE is highly compatible with various Android devices and versions.

XDA link: forum.xda-developer.com/…

11. Thermal mod

As the name suggests, Thermal Mod is used to change the default Thermo on Android. By default, Android devices experience a decrease in CPU performance when they reach the maximum temperature. This term is known as thermal throttling. As a result, Android often delays or drog frames.

Now this thermal mod is used to modify and even turn off this thermal throttling function. So that Android devices can run constantly with maximum performance, but with the result that the device temperature becomes high and even overhead is likely.

There are many versions of thermal mods like Thermal revo, JThermod, Ben’s Thermal, Neo Thermal, Chrysalis Thermal, mThermal and so on. However, you need to find the version that suits your device to make it easy for you to join the Telegram group.

Redmi Note 7 thematic example: forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-note-7…

12. GPU turbo boost

Now this Magisk module is also useful to improve the performance of your Android GPU. This module modifies the kernel and builds props to increase gaming performance by up to 75%. Of course, this GPU Turbo Boost module reduces the lag when playing games like PUBG Mobile and CODM.

Download link: github.com/EmperorEye1993…

So that was the list of the best 2022 Magisk modules. There are certainly many advantages to rooting with Magisk, one of which is that you can install interesting modules for better features and performance. Well, that’s it for this article, I hope it’s useful.

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