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Today’s modern cameras make digital photography very easy, even for the most basic object photos, will still produce clear and crisp photos. But that doesn’t mean without the slightest problem, you will be faced with problems exposure, white balance, red-eye and much more. So it would be nice if you install the application photo editor to help deal with it.

Currently the most popular photo editing application or photo editing software and most often used by professional photographers in the world may still be applications Photoshop, and there’s no doubt about it. The Photoshop photography app is a very good app with lots of features. But if your finances won’t be enough to buy a Photoshop license, don’t worry, there are some excellent free photo editors or image editors.

We have collected all kinds photo editing app or free picture editing for computers or laptops/notebooks Windows based on editing functionality, ease of use, artistic effects or just a quick way to enhance and beautify your photos before posting them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

List of Best Free PC Photo Editing Apps Other Than Photoshop


Best Photo Editing App for PC GIMP

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) was released for the first time in 1996, and has been continuously updated since then, so it’s no surprise that this application package is the most popular free PC photo editing application. powerful and the most complete currently available.

GIMP has full features that you can use such as inserting tool, image tool, selection tool, layer tool, color tool, filter, clone tool, blur tool, smudge tool, pen tool, healing tool, airbrush tool, etc. You can also add frames / frames and combine photos / collages using this application.

If you want to know how powerful GIMP is. Take a look at the creative video below and watch it to the end ^^.

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Download Free Photo Editing App for PC Photoscape

Maybe PhotoScape not very interesting for editing experts because there is no support layers, but if you just want to have fun with photos then this is a very different story because Photoscape is one of the easiest and easiest to use apps on this list. There are hundreds of pictures clipart ready to be added to your image. For example you can add speech bubbles to images, apply some special effects, even create animated GIFs.

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Chasys Draw IES

Chasys Draw IES PC photo editing app

Chasys Draw IES proved to be photo editor for an excellent PC with many important features. The features offered by this application include: paint and drawing tools that have a wide range, strong layer support, many special effects, color and lighting adjustments, support Photoshop plugins, and much more.

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Free Photo Editing App for PC Paint NET

This image editing application for PC may not be as powerful and cool as GIMP, but many like Paint.NET. Paint.NET is strong at the basics of image editing, with options to resize, rotate photos, a wide selection of paint tools, and some excellent special effects.

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Photo Pos

Best Free Photo Editing Apps Photoshop Alternatives for PC Photo Pos

Although the photo software toolbar “Photo Post Pro” small and unmodern interface, doesn’t mean Photo Pos Pro isn’t very promising, just start exploring this app and you’ll be impressed right away. There are many selection options, various kinds of paint tools, color correction and many others.

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PixBuilder Studio

Free Photo Editing App for PC PixBuilder Studio

PixBuilder Studio is a mid-range PC photo editor with a strong focus on solid objects and practical features. Unlike other editors, what you can add to images is not cartoon clipart and arty effects, in this app you get reasonable practical features such as crop, resize and rotate, color correction, sharpness of blur filters, and some features to print to printer.

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Free Photo Editing App for PC Photobie

Photobie is free to use and distribute. Unlike other commercial and free image editing apps, Photobie is more like a homemade cake, which has more flavor. Photobie developers intend to build an easy-to-use and feature-packed tool for amateur graphic designers. While it is not yet a perfect tool for professionals, it does contain many useful tools to help professionals to achieve simple tasks quickly.

Photobie features a unique intuitive layer manager, which allows users to easily handle multiple layers for advanced image editing. Photobie supports the Photoshop filter plugin (.8BF), which means that users can apply thousands of free filters to their images.

Apart from that, Photobie provides advanced screen capture tools, simplest gif animation tools, and tools for adding photo frames. Photobie integrates an image directory browser with resize/playback features, full screen slideshow.

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Free Photo Editing App for PC PhoXo

Photo changing app PhoXo has been around for almost 10 years, and during that time PhoXo has developed into a very useful photo editor software that can be used by everyone. Children can play with clipart, and adapt the image to the cartoon cat. In PhoXo there is a function to add watermark custom for all images, paint tools, image transformations, effects and more.

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Free Photo Editing App for PC IrfanView

As the name suggests, IrfanView Broadly speaking, it is intended for see the picture, so you will get a simple interface, but this program also includes a lot of functions for editing. You can rotate and resize images, tweak colors, brightness and contrast, add captions or text captions watermark, clarify photos, remove red-eye, and apply various special effects.

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Free Photo Editing App for PC PhotoFiltre

PhotoFiltre more inclined to tools for retouching images than conventional editors (PhotoFiltre is free for personal use only). Even so PhotoFiltre has a lot of editing features and it is capable of producing some spectacular results such as features photomask which will give the effect of transparency for the contours of the image, giving artistic effects etc.

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For instructions for use and examples of each application, you can see many good tutorials on the Youtube site.