10 Best and Cheap Power Bank Brands with Large Capacity

Forgetting to charge your cellphone when you want to travel is a very annoying thing, guys… But all of that can be solved with the best power bank with a large capacity that can be a temporary electric power to charge your cellphone battery that runs out.

So, here are recommendations for the best and cheapest power bank brands that you can add to your list of purchases.

These are the 10 Best Power Banks 2022, Low Prices and Large Capacity

1. Asus ZenPower 10050 mAh

Asus ZenPower is the best power bank that has similar features to Sony and has its own advantages. These advantages are relatively faster charging compared to Sony thanks to faster fast charging technology. However, this very fast fast charging will be felt when you use Asus brand smartphones such as Asus Zenfone 4, Asus Zenfone 5, Asus Zenfone 6, and Asus Zenfone 2.

Asus ZenPower 10050 mAh

Excess Relatively faster charging
Deficiency This very fast charging will be felt when you use only Asus brand smartphones, not for other brands.
Buy Asus ZenPower Price: Rp.245,800 Lazada

2. Xiaomi Powerbank 10400 mAh

In addition to producing its flagship smartphone, which is liked by many users in Indonesia, Xiaomi also makes a Power bank with a large capacity at a low price of course. The Xiaomi Powerbank 10400 mAh product is indeed very good, worth selling rationally, elegant design and worth buying.

Xiaomi Powerbank 10400 mAh

Excess Using quality original LG and Panasonic Li-ion battery cells, Using USB smart control with nine layers of world-class chipset protection.
Deficiency The edges of the top and bottom are rather sharp, can scratch the skin.
Buy Xiaomi Power bank Price: Rp.150.000 Lazada

3. Vivan Power Bank IPS18 18.000mAh

In Indonesia, Vivan can be regarded as one of the well-known manufacturers of cheap large capacity power banks. The products can be found easily in many gadget and electronics stores. Well, including the flagship Vivan IPS18, it is equipped with a power capacity of 18,000mAh.

Vivan Power Bank IPS18 18.000mAh

Excess Elegant and Trendy Design, There is a flashlight, 2 USB Outputs.
Buy Vivan Power Bank IPS Price: Rp.218.000 Lazada

4. SPC 13,000mAh

Not only does it have a large capacity, this best power bank from SPC is equipped with a unique design in a choice of black and white colors. This 13,000 mAh SPC power bank has been equipped with abundant protection features, such as over current, over charge, over discharge, and over temperature protection, as well as protection against short circuits.

SPC 13,000mAh

Excess It has a unique design, and there are 2 USB ports that can charge simultaneously
Buy SPC Power Bank Price: IDR 400,000 Lazada

5. Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 16,000 mAh

Xiaomi has equipped its Power Bank with overvoltage protection technology, so that it is able to protect android, blackberry and apple iphone smartphones from short circuits, and over charging. In addition, there are also 2 output ports that can supply power to 2 different devices simultaneously.

Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 16,000 mAh

Excess Has a metal body design and has 2 output ports
Buy Xiaomi Mi PowerBank Price: IDR 300.000 Lazada

6. Power Bank APC 10000 mAh

This APC Powerbank has a simple and intuitive design concept. It is equipped with 2 USB ports with output power of 2.4 A and 1 A. With these two USB ports, you can charge two devices simultaneously.

Power Bank APC 10000 mAh

Excess Not only has a large capacity, this power bank also has a very elegant design when taken anywhere. In addition, this power bank also has 2 ports to charge simultaneously.
Buy APC Power Bank” load=”hide”]Price: Rp. 550.000 Lazada

7. Power Bank FSP Walk 5200 mAh

The FSP Power Bank embeds many protection features such as Over current, Over discharge, Over charge, Short circuit protection. In addition, the FSP Walk 5200 power bank uses Samsung Class A batteries. Another feature is 2 USB ports, allowing you to charge 2 devices at once.

Power Bank FSP Walk 5200 mAh

Excess It has a large capacity, besides that this power bank also has 2 ports to charge simultaneously
Buy Power Bank FSP Walk Price: Rp.368.000

8. Delcell Ultra 16,000mAh

This time, Delcell didn’t mess around by removing a power bank with a capacity of 16,000mAh. Not only big in capacity but also really big in physical size.

Delcell Ultra 16,000mAh

Excess There is an auto off feature when the phone is fully charged it will stop, equipped with 2 USB slots where port 1 has 1A output and the second port has 2.1A output.
Deficiency The input is only 1A, meaning it takes a minimum of 16 hours to fully charge this powerbank with a 1A charger, even if your charger is 2A it still takes 16 hours to charge because the bottleneck is in the powerbank input which is only 1A, the flashlight is not that bright.
Buy Delcell Ultra Power Bank Price: Rp.272,000 Tokopedia

9. Samsung Battery Pack 28.000mAh

Samsung doesn’t stop with just releasing smartphone products. However, Samsung also issued a power bank that has a capacity of 28,000mAh. This makes the 28,000mAh Samsung Battery Pack the only best large capacity power bank with a comfortable design and two USB ports.

Samsung Battery Pack 28.000mAH

Excess Has an elegant design, and is equipped with 2 USB slots
Buy Samsung Battery Pack Price: Rp.820.000 Lazada

10. Robot Powerbank RT9100

Power Bank Robot RT9100 is the prima donna. Although the price is a little more expensive than other powerbanks, but when viewed from the quality and features this powerbank can be said to be very cheap.

Robot Powerbank RT9100

Excess It has a 2.1A output that can charge the battery quickly, has eight protections, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, over power protection, temperature protection, short circuit protection, recovery protection.
Buy Robot Power Bank Price: Rp.349.900 Lazada

Well, that’s a review of the Best Power Bank 2022, Low Price and Large Capacity. If the explanation above is unclear, or you want to give other power bank recommendations, let’s comment below, smart friend…

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