10+ Benefits of Playing PUBG Mobile, Gamers Must Know!

Benefits of Playing PUBG Mobile

Benefits of Playing PUBG Mobile – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or commonly known as the PUBG game is one of the online games that has a very positive interest and has even become one of the most popular games in Indonesia or even worldwide.

This is not a game that has just emerged, PUBG Mobile’s success is of course due to the long process that the developer went through. So it is very natural that this game continues to be loved by many gamers and of course one of them is you.

Although this game is very popular and many gamers play this game, unconsciously and consciously many do not care about the benefits of playing PUBG, including the bad effects that this game has.

For that, so that you don’t focus too much on playing this game, you have to find out what are the benefits of playing this game and also what are the negative impacts of playing this game. You need to know this so that you can manage the good and bad effects well.

So far, we feel that you are very clear about what we mean. For that, next you have to know what your questions are as stated in the title, namely what are the benefits of playing PUBG Mobile for gamers

10+ Benefits of Playing PUBG Mobile

Once again, we are sure that you can experience the benefits of playing PUBG Mobile for yourself. However, you may have difficulty explaining these benefits, so you can only feel them without being able to explain in detail

Therefore, on this auspicious occasion, we will mention what benefits you can get by playing the PUBG Mobile game. This information is also very important for parents whose children play this game.

With parents knowing the benefits, they can maximize these benefits so that they can be an advantage for their children who play the PUBG game. Well, now please see what can be benefits when playing the PUBG Mobile game

  1. First, of course, you can fill your spare time
  2. Can add friends to fellow PUBG players
  3. Can increase the speed of thinking
  4. Practice patience
  5. Training mentality
  6. Improve English skills
  7. Have the opportunity to be an e-sports athlete
  8. Can make money
  9. Can relieve stress
  10. Not lonely and always feel crowded
  11. And many others

5 Negative Impacts of Playing PUBG Mobile

Besides having good benefits, playing PUBG games can also have bad effects. So don’t be surprised if there was an issue that the MUI would give an unlawful fatwa on this game. Even in some areas the MUI has issued a fatwa haram on this game.

If you don’t agree with the MUI fatwa, then you can find out what will later be a negative impact or bad impact when you play this game. For more details, please note the following description

  1. Can be addictive
  2. Can make money run out fast
  3. Can be a terrorist
  4. Disturbing health
  5. Lazy to work or study

That’s the bad impact that you or your children will feel if you play too much PUBG. For that you should control how you play, don’t be in bars and don’t play games too often.

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If that’s all we can share and also explain to you about the Benefits of Playing PUBG Mobile. Thank you for listening carefully and see you again in the future.

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